Crossing the Line by MD Saperstein and Andria Large

22596837Parker Hamilton – movie star! That’s what the world knows about me. Oscar winner, prominent bloodline, playboy. But there is so much more to me. My friends are my real family, and they are what matters most. But I’d be lying if I said that I’m not concerned about my reputation. Everyone who lives in the spotlight is.

Listen, I can play any role – drama, comedy, romance. You name it. I can act my ass off, and I have the proof on a shelf in my office. But when my agent calls me into his office to offer me the role of a lifetime, I am hesitant. Not only would I have to act opposite Chance Steele, the most egotistical schmuck I know, but we would also have to pretend to be intimate. Really intimate. As in gay lovers.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am as open-minded as they come. People can love whom they want, screw whom they want, even marry whom they want. But when you ask me to make out with a dude, pretend to roll around in a bed with him, well, that’s where I draw the line. Maybe.

Sometimes lines are blurry. And sometimes lines are just meant to be crossed.

Crossing the Line is book 3 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Unmasking Charlotte left off. As with Hey There, Delilah and Unmasking Charlotte, it is a standalone – so don’t worry if you haven’t read them yet – with a HEA. That means no cliffhanger! Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters.

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Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player, #1 by Patrick Darcy

Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

Conor’s muscular body and roguish good looks ensure he can have his pick of the sexiest players. But what happens when this alpha male meets his match on and off the field? Who will come out on top when he meets the horniest rugby players from the USA? Can two alpha males have the night of their lives?

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Review: Lynn, 5

I’m so glad I read this story. I didn’t know what I was in for when I went in, but what a treat.

Conor is adorable! I loved him and his attitude from the very beginning. It’s the last night of the tournament and and all of the players are in the same club, hoping to let off some steam. Conor is on the prowl looking for that one fellow rugby player Tonio, and Conor wants to rock his world.

I loved being inside Conor’s head. His quick wit and just all around playfulness was such a delight to read. Being with him on the field while they’re playing ball was great. At first I wasn’t so sure why the author was taking us on a play by play of the rugby match. I’m not a big sports fan so at first I had a hard time getting into it. But as I kept reading, I was seeing why this part of the story was necessary and important to tell.

I really liked how this author put us right into a day in the life of Conor. The words just flowed right from the get go and it was so entertaining to read.

Can we talk about the sex?! Hot, hot, hot!! I just loved how everyone was just wanting a hook up with no strings attached. No feelings even entered their minds, just mind blowing, give it all you got sex!

I am so looking forward the the next installment of Conor and the boys!


Stefan Joss just can’t win. Not only does he have to go to Texas in the middle of summer to be the man of honor in his best friend Charlotte’s wedding, but he’s expected to negotiate a million-dollar business deal at the same time. Worst of all, he’s thrown for a loop when he arrives to see the one man Charlotte promised wouldn’t be there: her brother, Rand Holloway.egg

Stefan and Rand have been mortal enemies since the day they met, so Stefan is shocked when a temporary cease-fire sees the usual hostility replaced by instant chemistry. Though leery of the unexpected feelings, Stefan is swayed by a sincere revelation from Rand, and he decides to give Rand a chance.

But their budding romance is threatened when Stefan’s business deal goes wrong: the owner of the last ranch he needs to secure for the company is murdered. Stefan’s in for the surprise of his life as he finds himself in danger as well.

Not Quite Wicked Series

1 – Open Sesame
Alister Baban overheard a business discussion that netted him and his Uncle Cassimer a lot of money. When the Simsim Group’s stock crashes and they declare bankruptcy within weeks, the owners immediately suspect the Babans of playing dirty.

Oz Adamo, one of four brothers who owned Simsim Group, agrees to abduct Alister in order to obtain information and win back the former employees’ lost pensions.

Tied to a bed and lusting after his captor, Alister fights the sexual attraction he has for Oz. They want information and he isn’t about to give it. But Oz loves a good challenge, and the shrewd, serious and oh-so-sexy Alister is naked and his—at least for now.