Olde City, New Blood, and Me (and a CONTEST)

“Quit whining”, he said. “Do it yourself”, he said. “Someone had to be the first”, he said.

My name is Jennifer, and this is how the urban fantasy / paranormal romance mini-con Olde City, New Blood came to be.

I was boo-hooing to an author buddy online about the shortage of fun, multi-author events that happen in Florida. Ones that I could afford to go to, that is. He told me to quit my whining and just plan something. Um. Yeah. Ok. O.o?? Who just *plans* an event like that? Where would you even start? And why would anyone else want to join up with someone who just decides to plan a mini-con out of the clear blue, lol??

These were my first responses, and the first ones my awesome author buddy shot down. That was February.

It’s now October, it’s 6:49 am, and I just finished a 14 HOUR marathon session of arranging and rearranging. The end result: Olde City, New Blood now has a working schedule of panels, readings, and meet & greets for 49 AUTHORS!! So, I guess *I* plan events like that, lol.

The goal of this event, along with bringing the authors I love right to my backyard (Can you BELIEVE it… some of these people are coming from SEATTLE, and quite a few other places that are almost as far!!!), is to create a mix of authors that represent as many aspects of the UF/PNR genre as possible, and give them a way to interact casually with their fans. There are NYT bestsellers on panels with debut authors, and M/M fiction authors an panels with mainstream authors.

That’s right… the reason Dolorianne suggested I post here today is to make sure you all know this is an event you can attend to see a handful of YOUR favorite authors. I’m absolutely thrilled to include:

K C Burn

Poppy Dennison

Kiernan Kelly

Lori Toland

Amy Lane

Damon Suede

You just made a *squeeeee* sound, didn’t you?? It’s ok… I did, too!!! I can’t believe the lineup of authors who are willing to come play with me and my crazy friends out by the beach this February. But, I am thankful for each and every one of them. I’m excited, terrified, anxious, and so, so happy. Things are really coming together on the planning end, so now it’s time for the promo and spreading the word. If you’re thinking about coming, I suggest don’t wait too long… there are a limited number of tickets available. (Remember, we’re going for small and casual, here.)

Wanna come play with us, but don’t wanna fork out the cash?? Olde City, New Blood is having a contest. Until October 6th, you’ll have a chance to click the link below and fill out the Rafflecopter widget to enter to WIN YOUR WAY IN to the mini-con!!! Unfortunately, we’re still a wee little shindig, so we can’t cover hotel or travel costs… but we are totally covering 3 LUCKY WINNERS’ registration fees!!! (That’s a $40 prize each!)

So… if two sunshiney days by the beach in February, with some of your favorite authors, sounds good to you… here’s what you do:

  1. Leave a response in the comments below with the name of the author (remember, this is UF/PNR) I should ask to attend *if* we do this again in 2014.
  2. Click the link to fill out the Rafflecopter widget that enters you to win 1 of the 3 FREE REGISTRATIONS!
  3. Check out the contest post on the Olde City, New Blood official site for TONS more blog posts that have additional entry widgets!!

That’s it… easy peasy 🙂 Good luck to all of you!!!

Click Here To Enter


Love & Loyalty

Screenwriter Griffin Drake needs to win over sexy and stoic Detective James “Jim” Shea in order to get the story of a lifetime, but he finds himself wanting Jim’s heart.

Faith & Fidelity

One lonely widower and one disgraced ex-cop find friendship at the bottom of a shared bottle. Then they fall passionately in lust and love, and it shakes these two straight men to their very cores.

Taste Test: Horns and Halos Anthology

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Sinful by Zoe Nichols
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Limbo by Clare London
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Deja Vu by Dakota Flint
Angel Graham meets up with his arch nemesis, demon Cale, at the annual “Horns and Halos Bash” held as the one night a year that the angels and demons of the world can put their differences aside and get together to let loose. Things between them turn heated, quickly, and Cale gives Graham pleasure he never dreamed of. But what will happen when Graham wakes up the next day?