Sibling Rivalry by Summer Devon

18004732Meeting the family shouldn’t be this complicated.

As the designated slacker of the family, Peter Stevens was accustomed to being eclipsed by his “perfect” older brother, Mark. But when Mark came out to their parents one Christmas vacation, it was his turn to be the black sheep.

Even more surreal was Peter’s brief encounter with his brother’s boyfriend, Colin. The unmistakable sparks between them shook the foundations of his confirmed heterosexuality. Years later, when they meet again as graduate student and professor, that bone-deep attraction is still there.

Thanks to the emotional scars Mark left behind, Colin has had his fill of Stevens men. Having Peter at his university shouldn’t be a problem though, as he knows the younger man is straight. But when Colin realizes the electricity sizzles both ways, he can’t resist indulging in a passionate affair.

Yet some old flames stubbornly refuse to die. This time, Peter refuses to step aside—and when an emergency brings the family together again, Colin must decide if it’s worth the risk to trust another Stevens brother with his heart.

Warning: This book contains an adorable professor who gets invited home for a very complicated holiday, a perfect relationship with “Mr. Right”, and a dangerous crush on “Mr. Wrong”.

BUY LINK: Samhain Publishing

REVIEWER: Dolorianne, 3


Story … 4
Love the premise of this book … man falling for his brother’s friend/ex. I think that the specific timeline of events that allowed Peter and Colin to get together worked well. The overall story was cute, had interesting characters and an unexpected villain, and a complex kind of redemption when all was said and done.

I liked that there were some original scenes idea, and that the quick tempers didn’t drag on. The conflict scenes had some really good dialogue. I think Peter’s sexuality and Colin’s efforts to resist temptation were both handled very well.

Other stuff … 2
As much as I liked the plot points in the timeline, implied or otherwise, the beginning was both rushed and too long. To fit everything in the pages allotted, there was more telling than showing. It improved some as the book went along, but still happened enough to water down what was going on. It also allowed for time jumps to move things along, but made for some sudden scene endings/transitions, often combined within the same paragraph.

Overall, the story was enjoyable and I’m glad I read it. Readers looking for more detail might have a few hiccups, but pleasure readers will probably love this book.

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