George & Harvey series by Ashley John

22457258Book 1 – The Secret

The Secret is the SIZZLING and ROMANTIC first book of the brand-new ‘GEORGE & HARVEY’ series about a married writer who falls in love with his young intern.

When 32 year old married author George Lewis sees 19 year old Harvey Jasper reading one of his books in the local bookstore, he can’t help but be drawn to him. After giving Harvey his cellphone number, he soon receives a call from Harvey asking if he can intern under George. Reluctantly, George says yes, and agrees to let Harvey into his home for a whole month.

As they spend more and more time together, Harvey shares his heart-breaking story with George and his eyes are opened up to a whole new world with whole new emotions. George soon discovers something he never thought he’d find in another man…love.

22595441Book 2 – The Truth

THE TRUTH is the explosive second book in the sizzling ‘George & Harvey‘ series which follows George Lewis as he tries to decide between his wife and his lover.

After Harvey’s heartbreaking confrontation with his brother, Leo, he tries to pick up the pieces of his life, but he can’t decide where Leo and George fit in.

When George’s wife returns after spending months away looking after her sick mother, George must decide between his wife and his young male lover. Will Harvey finally get the man he loves? Will he find the family that he longs for? Will George be able to do the right thing and follow his heart?

22753978Book 3 – The Fight

THE FIGHT is the much-anticipated third and final book in the sizzling ‘George & Harvey‘ series which follows the rocky relationship between married writer, George Lewis and his young intern, Harvey.

5 months have passed since Harvey let George behind and he is touring the country with his brother Leo, but things aren’t quite how he expected. After struggling to stay sober, Leo slips back into his old ways and Harvey’s world quickly becomes hell on earth. Terrible and heart-breaking things happen to Harvey, forcing him to go back and fight for the only person who truly loves, George Lewis.

Will George accept him with open arms once again? Will Paula step-aside and let Harvey take her husband? Will Leo ever let his brother go? Are Harvey’s actions going to have deadly consequences?

Will George & Harvey ever get their happy ending?

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REVIEW: I’ve been wanting to read this story for a while now. I’ve seen it around on Facebook and the blurb sounded interesting enough. I finally snagged the first installment when it was a freebie for one day. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. I immediately bought the three-in-one edition – yes, it’s that good. Even though there is three separate books, it’s one continuous story. I would highly recommend reading all three in one sitting. I did and it was fantastic.

What starts off as a seemingly innocent friendship by a chance encounter at a bookstore, Harvey and George take us into their world. George, a well known author, takes an interest in a much younger man. There is something about Harvey that draws George to him. He wants to protect him, keep him safe, and to save him. What makes this story even more interesting is the fact that it’s not all about George and Harvey. You see, George is married to a woman and Harvey has a strung out older brother who keeps showing up and causing a lot of trouble. How is this ever going to work?

What I loved most about this story was the simplicity of how the author executed its delivery. The realistic way in which certain situations were handled was reassuring and quite a relief. Take George, at first I was in the mindset that he was stringing Harvey along, getting his kicks while his wife was out of town. His words weren’t ringing true to his actions. Does he really love Harvey, is he going to tell his wife it’s over? He says he does, but when the chance to do something about it comes around, he takes the easy way out and does nothing. I felt the hurt, frustration and confusion coming from Harvey with every word he spoke. I didn’t like George very much at this point and felt so bad for Harvey.

Harvey had me wrapped around his finger from the first moment he showed up on the page. A little naive in some of his thinking, his lot in life just sucked, but he was making do and surviving, just barely. Being with George was like a dream come true for him and when he fell in love, he fell hard and completely. Not to give anything away here, but let’s just say, the ending was a long time in coming.

Most of the characters, secondary and main ones, eventually redeem themselves in the end to a certain degree. Others stayed true throughout. All wasn’t what it seemed at times and just scratching the surface revealed some things that left you a better understanding of some characters involved.

Overall, this was a simple love story that wasn’t so simple. I enjoyed reading this story from beginning to end. Some may shy away from this because of the considerable age difference and the cheating theme, but each character strengthened the other. Harvey was an old soul who had been through a lot in his short life already. To me, George was the perfect choice for him.

I’m really excited to read more from the author, he’s young and fresh with an extremely bright future in front of him. I loved how he balanced out the tone of the story. It doesn’t leave the reader feeling as though they just went through the ringer. It leaves them with a good feeling.

Highly recommend this one to everyone.


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