Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player, #3 by Patrick Darcy

ConfGayRugbyPlayer3_cvr-210x330This should be the greatest moment in Conor’s rugby playing career. But falling in love and a loss of form have brought him to his knees, and led him to question who he is. It’s no fun, not being the centre of attention. Is he the man he thought he was? Replaced on the pitch and now replaced in the affections of his best friend Sean. What is it about Sean’s new boyfriend he finds so irritating? Why can’t he accept them being together? Conor’s heart is filled with rage by the thought of them. A rage that he can’t contain, and that leads him to cross a line that should never be crossed. And when Conor acts like a fool, there is only one thing for it. To be punished by two hot Doms. Maybe they will bring him to his senses, and take his mind off things that cannot be…

…or maybe not!

Buy Link: Wilde City Press

Review: Lynn, 5

This is another great read from Patrick Darcy.

In the previous two installments, we see Conor playing around and just having fun. This one has a different tone altogether. Conor isn’t having fun. He’s injured and he’s lost his position on the Rugby team; he’s reduced to being the equivalent of a water boy and he’s not happy about it, at all. He’s also realized he’s in love with his best friend, Sean.

I really enjoyed this one and I’m really liking where the series going. For me, book 3 is the best one yet. Seeing this different side of Conor wasn’t something I was expecting. He was his same sarcastic self and still banged out those snarky comments of his, which I absolutely love, by the way. But he was also brought down a notch after being demoted on his team because of his injuries. In addition, his best friend is angry and not talking to him for things Conor said about Sean’s boyfriend. His ego has taken a hard hit and he’s really not sure how to handle it. I kind feel sorry for him, but knowing Conor, he’ll find a way to bounce back and put everything in proper order again.

Another thing that was different in this story was Conor allowing himself to submit sexually. Up until this point Conor has been the aggressor, the top, the one in charge. Not so here. With everything seemingly falling down around him, I think he wanted to let go and just feel. The author has a way with writing these sexual encounters that literally blows me away, no pun intended, of course. It makes for one sexy read.

And finally, what would a Patrick Darcy book be without some Rugby action? I really enjoy reading the games scenes on the field. Maybe it’s the way Mr. Darcy writes them, or maybe it’s Conor’s comments that make these scenes so enjoyable. All I know is, you don’t really need to understand the game to enjoy the story. It’s written in such a way not to alienate readers who haven’t a clue, like myself, about Rugby.

I can’t praise these books enough and encourage everyone to read them. Highly recommended.

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