Treva Harte does GRL Again

Treva Harte is in a very small, elite club … authors who own and run a successful publishing press. Loose-ID is a heavy hitter in the M/M community and one of the first places many of us look to for new releases.

Here is Treva with a quick take on last year’s GRL and a hearty wish for this year.

GRL Again

The first GRL was a delight. I go to a lot of conventions and this is the first one where I saw such positive energy and delight over many things experienced convention-goers take for granted. But many authors and readers there weren’t experienced and this convention was a first for everyone.

I’m hoping for equally wonderful things with the second GRL. I love New Mexico anyhow, so that’s a plus. And I’m curious to see how the convention will grow—not just in numbers but in style.

Treva Harte

Treva Harte writes her hot sensual romance with a paranormal bent. Her stories and novellas contain everything from historical time travel to futuristics, from witches to suspense.


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