Lor Rose’s Muse

Lor Rose is a one of the great hidden talents of the M/M genre. With 2 self published novels under her belt, her vision and potential is obvious. I really look forward to Lor Rose developing her craft and seeing her stories continue to grow.

Here she is to talk about her early epiphany and beating her muse into submission.

Happy Trails and Frolicking Kinks

200I began writing crap; I mean… works of art, since I figured out how to make the thin annoying pencil like thing move in first grade. In high school my English teacher gave the entire class a page minimum, double spaced, whereas I had a maximum, single spaced… How is that fair? Wrote a few things in class and the teacher always praised me for my creativity and word twisting ways. Even now, years later she still uses my work as examples of what to do. Wouldn’t she just die if she knew what I write now? Writing bland generic “age appropriate” things in high school was fun but boring. Blah.

I’m unashamed to admit this next bit. Junior high is when I fully embraced the kink that is the internet and certain fan-fiction. Okay, okay, dirty male sex fan-fiction. There. Happy now? So, of course, my dirty fan-fiction kink carried through high school and so on and so forth and I thought… What. The. Hell. Why don’t I write this stuff? But I wanna get paid for it and I can’t get paid for fan-fiction because the characters aren’t mine… If I ever had a light bulb moment this was it. I’ll write my own dirty things with my own characters. My own things equal money.

Light bulb.

I of course knew writing would be more labor for not a lot of pay, but that’s not why I write. A friend asked why and this was my answer, “I write because I’ve a God Complex and wish not to go to prison for my crazed, sadistic, serial killer tendencies.” Thank the Lord she’s a writer too and understood my answer.

200As for me, I’m happy in my little writing corner with my secret stash of pretzels, good ‘ol H2O and Candy Corn. Although… Animus, the muse, tries to distract me with shiny new things and I have to tell him to shut up or I’ll beat him and toss him in the closet. Don’t worry he likes it.

With Affection,

Lor Rose’s:
Website: LorRose.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thelorofrose
Twitter: twitter.com/Lor_Rose9009


7 thoughts on “Lor Rose’s Muse

    • Lor Rose October 12, 2012 / 1:53 pm

      Yep, dirty fan-fiction did it. Still have them all saved on a flash drive.

    • Lor Rose October 12, 2012 / 1:54 pm

      You did! And my serious answer too but the shorter one is funnier. Your post is one of my favs about me. ^^ OHEMGEE! Monday is looming!

    • Lor Rose October 14, 2012 / 7:03 pm

      I did say that didn’t I?

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