Projecting with Robert Moore

Some authors prefer to stick to one genre, telling many stories over their careers. For others, their muse takes them into several different venues. Here is Robert Moore to talk about his multi-genre, multi-platform, multi-inspirational journey.

I love the tumble of ideas and the initial impetus for getting a new project up and going. Sometimes I don’t know whether it’s going to be a play, musical or kid’s book. Traveling with the idea for some time before I commit to paper or computer, ensuring I invent a thousand other ideas to distract me, seems necessary to see whether I have sustained the impetus with that primal spark. To stand at the crossroads for some time and indulge in creative gluttony might be one way of describing how I get going.

And the great culture of the Aussie yarn also helps me tie the threads together. I grew up immersed in a bawdy rural environment. The storyteller in everyone was encouraged. But for me listening and watching was more important than talking. Here I observed people with identities, real characters, and definitely no image consultants. But these folk all had wonderful stories to tell and ensured that history has a place. And that gay people had to know their place… but would eventually find their place.

And that is of course a powerful story with threads that are still being unpicked.

Robert Moore

Robert Moore’s website –
Phone Number – 0419867955 Australia
Phone Number – 61 419867955 Outside of Australia


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