Marguerite Labbe Does the Deed

I don’t know about you, but if I read happy things all the time then I get a little cranky. Really, who is happy all the time? I read to escape, I read for entertainment, and I read for the total immersion and emotion of another world. Be it fantasy, paranormal or contemporary, I want to feel something … even if the story is heartbreaking.

Here is Marguerite Labbe to talk about her upcoming release Ghosts In the Wind and how important it was to write.

I Did the Deed

I’ll freely admit that I’ve killed my share of characters. And not just bad guys who absolutely deserved what they’ve got. I’ve been guilty of killing off friends of characters as well. I tend to write violent worlds where the characters see their fair share of battles. Until now, I’ve never killed a main character before. And I promise, I don’t intend to make it a habit.

I have more ideas than I know what to do with when it comes to stories. However there are a few that I have to write when I get the idea. Ghosts in the Wind was that kind of a story. I honestly didn’t think anyone would take it if I did. And I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I toyed with the idea of finding a good editor and putting it up on my website as a free read. I also toyed with the idea of coming up with a way to bring Dean back to life at the end, but I knew that wasn’t the way the story needed to be told.

The idea brought to life one of the most persistent characters I’ve ever had to deal with. Dean wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept insisting that his story be told all throughout a year of me hemming and hawing, and poking at it here and there. The minute that I heard Dreamspinner Press was doing a Bittersweet Dreams line I knew I’d lost the fight. As soon as Eli and Ash’s story was done, I dove into this new one.

I don’t normally cry when I write, but there were times when I cried with this one, both when I wrote and when I edited it. I fell completely in love with Dean and Andrei, the way they sustained each other, and the way they were both willing to make sacrifices for each other’s well being even though it came at a cost to themselves.

When my brother was about six he loved the movie Top Gun. Every day he would watch it and every day he’d get to the part of Goose’s accident and hope that it would end differently. One day he turned around and said, “That poor Goose, he dies every time.”

When I received my last edits and I was going through Chapter Two where Dean dies I remembered my brother. I think that each time I read it I had the same hope that it would end differently despite knowing better. As I finished that scene I had to pause and comment to my critique group, “Poor Dean, I’ve killed him again.” However, for me, Andrei and Dean’s journey together was worth all the tears in between. I’m very happy that Dean insisted I write it and I believe that these two characters are going to stay with me for a long time and continue to make me smile when I think of them.

Ghosts in the Wind is coming out on Halloween from Dreamspinner Press. And I’ll be giving away an ecopy to a commenter. Please let me know your favorite story that made you both cry and smile.


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Available from Dreamspinner October 31, 2012

Andrei Cuza and Dean Marshall celebrated their tenth anniversary only to have their happiness shattered by a random, insane event: On his way home from closing a business deal, Dean stops on the parkway to help a young mother with her flat tire, and her ex arrives, murders them, and takes off with his two kids.

Ghosts have haunted Andrei all his life. He bears the guilt for his sister being stuck in limbo, because ghosts are frozen at the moment they died, unable to adapt to the changes in their living loved ones. When Dean returns to Andrei as a ghost, the double punch of losing him and having to watch him founder if he doesn’t move on is almost more than Andrei can bear.

Despite dangers in limbo—Jackal Wraiths that devour souls are hunting him—Dean isn’t going anywhere until he helps Andrei track down the missing children. Andrei is in danger as well when he pays dearly to feel Dean’s touch one last time. Time is slowly running out as Dean and Andrei try to say good-bye while they track a killer who’s more than happy to kill again.

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It’s an unfortunate truth: love doesn’t always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Marguerite is offering up Ghosts In the Wind. As requested above, comment below on your favorite story that made you smile AND cry.

Open until Monday, October 15th at 11:59 pm (PST). Winner will be selected and notified on Tuesday.

GRL prep has kept me crazy until this very minute … but since it is still officially Tuesday (for another 15 minutes at least) then we are still ok. No camera or paper right now so I used to select the winner. Congratulations Sue Adams … you won!.

Lor Rose’s Muse

Lor Rose is a one of the great hidden talents of the M/M genre. With 2 self published novels under her belt, her vision and potential is obvious. I really look forward to Lor Rose developing her craft and seeing her stories continue to grow.

Here she is to talk about her early epiphany and beating her muse into submission.

Happy Trails and Frolicking Kinks

200I began writing crap; I mean… works of art, since I figured out how to make the thin annoying pencil like thing move in first grade. In high school my English teacher gave the entire class a page minimum, double spaced, whereas I had a maximum, single spaced… How is that fair? Wrote a few things in class and the teacher always praised me for my creativity and word twisting ways. Even now, years later she still uses my work as examples of what to do. Wouldn’t she just die if she knew what I write now? Writing bland generic “age appropriate” things in high school was fun but boring. Blah.

I’m unashamed to admit this next bit. Junior high is when I fully embraced the kink that is the internet and certain fan-fiction. Okay, okay, dirty male sex fan-fiction. There. Happy now? So, of course, my dirty fan-fiction kink carried through high school and so on and so forth and I thought… What. The. Hell. Why don’t I write this stuff? But I wanna get paid for it and I can’t get paid for fan-fiction because the characters aren’t mine… If I ever had a light bulb moment this was it. I’ll write my own dirty things with my own characters. My own things equal money.

Light bulb.

I of course knew writing would be more labor for not a lot of pay, but that’s not why I write. A friend asked why and this was my answer, “I write because I’ve a God Complex and wish not to go to prison for my crazed, sadistic, serial killer tendencies.” Thank the Lord she’s a writer too and understood my answer.

200As for me, I’m happy in my little writing corner with my secret stash of pretzels, good ‘ol H2O and Candy Corn. Although… Animus, the muse, tries to distract me with shiny new things and I have to tell him to shut up or I’ll beat him and toss him in the closet. Don’t worry he likes it.

With Affection,

Lor Rose’s:

Treva Harte does GRL Again

Treva Harte is in a very small, elite club … authors who own and run a successful publishing press. Loose-ID is a heavy hitter in the M/M community and one of the first places many of us look to for new releases.

Here is Treva with a quick take on last year’s GRL and a hearty wish for this year.

GRL Again

The first GRL was a delight. I go to a lot of conventions and this is the first one where I saw such positive energy and delight over many things experienced convention-goers take for granted. But many authors and readers there weren’t experienced and this convention was a first for everyone.

I’m hoping for equally wonderful things with the second GRL. I love New Mexico anyhow, so that’s a plus. And I’m curious to see how the convention will grow—not just in numbers but in style.

Treva Harte

Treva Harte writes her hot sensual romance with a paranormal bent. Her stories and novellas contain everything from historical time travel to futuristics, from witches to suspense.

Kerry Freeman is Excited and Terrified

Is It GRL Yet?

In one week I will be in the midst of my first reader con, and I am excited and terrified in equal measure.

I’m terrified because it’s the first time I’ll meet people who have actually read my book! What if everyone figures out that I’m just this huge dork? Cause I am, you know. But I’m also incredibly excited to meet the very same people. See what I mean?

I also signed up for a reading, and I’ve been practicing in front of my hubby. He thinks it’s funny that the author of the dirty words has so much trouble saying them out loud. I know everyone at the reading will be cool if I screw up, but it doesn’t mean I don’t worry about tripping over my (dirty) words.

Don’t let me fool you, though. None of my friends would describe me as a shrinking violet, and they’d probably die of laughter if someone did. I can be loud, and once you get me talking, it’s hard to shut me up. I’ve also inherited a loud, boisterous laugh from my father’s side of the family. Everyone knows when I think something’s funny.

And the squeeing won’t be limited to the reader attendees. I’m going to fangirl all over Z. A. Maxfield. I squeed the first time she tweeted to me, and now I get to meet her in person! Bella Leone has been my cyber friend for years, and I’m finally going to meet her in person, too. Not to mention all the great people, authors and readers, who until now have only been emails and blog posts and forum posts.

On second thought, why am I terrified? This is going to be a blast! Make sure y’all say hi, okay?


Thank you for inviting me to post on your blog! And everyone, please visit the tour kickoff post ( to enter the super-duper tour giveaway.


Author. Southerner. Geek. Writer of romance, believer in HEA. Positive there’s nothing better than shrimp & grits and red velvet cake.

Kerry was born and raised in Alabama, and she grew up swearing she was going to get the hell out of Dodge the instant she could. Turns out Dodge ain’t so bad, and she never left. Alabama’s version of a city girl, she married a country boy, and the adorkable couple lives in a small town with their two socially awkward dogs.

Kerry loves to write about love, and it turns out most of the voices in her head are men. She also loves to write about the South, so most of her stories end up there, one way or another.

A tomboy and a geek from way back, Kerry has a day job but dreams she will one day write full time. She has a weakness for yaoi, Japanese stationery, YA, and ginger-haired singers from Britain. She owns an impressive t-shirt collection. Nowaki & Hiroki are her homeboys.


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Contemporary M/M – 113 pages
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After playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues, Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship. At the other end of the state, René Días, who left the Major League after one season, is getting his team ready to defend their state title for the second straight year. One is in the closet. The other is between relationships. Neither has any intention of hooking up at the state tournament.

Then they see each other.

Pre-game lust turns into an intense one-night stand neither man can forget, and when their best friends embark on a romance, Matt and René are thrown together again. This time they decide it won’t be for just a single night.

But the fear of disappointing his minister father and shaming his family forces Matt to keep one foot in the closet, even as he and René find their lust is maybe something more. Will Matt endure a life of hiding or will he surrender and become free?


The clubhouse was sweltering, and René took his cap off to wipe his brow. The rows of lockers and wooden benches always reminded him of playing in the majors, where reporters wouldn’t even wait for the players to get fully dressed before accosting them for quotes about that night’s game. He’d never quite become comfortable with holding court while dripping wet and towel skirted. Then again, he’d never quite become comfortable with a lot of things he encountered his one year of major league play.

“Good afternoon, Coach Días.” The umpire walked toward him with an extended hand. “Good to see you again.”

René shook the umpire’s hand. “Good to see you again too. Hopefully you’ve had a good year.”

“A very good year. Thanks for asking.” The umpire nodded at David. “Hello, Coach Reynolds.”

“Hey, Bob,” David said, smiling. “No need to be so formal. We’re old friends by now.”

“Let’s just say I definitely wasn’t surprised to see your team back in the finals.” The umpire smiled. “Gonna be a great series, that’s for sure. Your opposition looks good.”

René’s ears practically twitched at the mention of the team from North Alabama. “Have you met their coach yet?”

“Met him this morning. He’s quiet, seems pretty serious. Nice fella too.” The umpire chuckled. “Speaking of which… Hello, Coach Hawley.”

The gracious greeting René planned stuck in his throat the instant he turned and gazed into a pair of intense blue eyes. René forced himself not to gaze up and down the opposing coach’s tall, tight body, but he couldn’t help following as Hawley slowly licked his lips. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the man had the most incredible wheat-blond hair just begging to be pulled.

David cleared his throat. “Um, Coach Hawley, I’m David Reynolds, Mobile’s first-base coach.” He shook Hawley’s hand. “This is René Días, our head coach.”

René finally remembered he was supposed to talk. “Nice to meet you, Coach Hawley.” René held out his hand.

Coach Hawley wrapped his long fingers around René’s hand and held on to it. “Nice to meet you too. Call me Matt, though.”

“We’ve been looking forward to playing your team.” René smiled when Matt’s grip tightened. “I’ve heard great things about how you’ve developed the team since you took over this year. Congratulations on your first state final.”

“Thank you. This is your school’s third year in a row here. That’s a sure sign you’re doing something right down in Mobile.”

If there was a sure way into René’s good graces, it was to compliment his team. He could think of plenty of other ways the gorgeous Matt Hawley could impress him—most involving them being naked together—but they had a few baseball games to play. René released Matt’s hand and tried to ignore David’s bug-eyed look at his side.

The meeting with the umpire was a formality. They discussed the rules of the best-of-three series and the umpire’s definition of the strike zone, and the coaches gave the umpire their batting order. René concentrated on each word of the umpire’s speech and blocked out the coach next to him. Baseball was serious business, and he couldn’t let Matt, however tasty he appeared to be, distract him. But as soon as the meeting was over, René found himself locked into that deep blue gaze again.

Matt swallowed slowly. “Well, René, it was nice meeting you. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” René could feel his cheeks heat. “Good luck to you guys too.”

Taking two steps back, Matt pulled on his baseball cap and smiled before turning to walk away. René couldn’t take his eyes off the slow sway of Matt’s hips. For just an instant, he imagined digging his fingers into those hips and the kind of bruises it would leave on Matt’s fair skin.

“Down, boy!” David punched René’s arm. “And retract your tongue before you close your mouth.”

René suddenly remembered where he was. “You think he noticed?”

“You’re kidding, right? I would say he noticed you every bit as much as you noticed him.”

“I meant— Oh!” René stared toward the door. “Cool.”

David shook his head. “Son of a bitch,” he muttered as he stomped off. “Biggest game of the year, and now he decides to take the dick out of storage.” He spun around and faced René again. “Just great!”

René jogged over to David and threw his arm around David’s shoulders. “Aww, come on, baby. Don’t be jealous.” He guffawed when David shoved him away. “You’re still my favorite guy, even if you kiss like a girl.”

An extended middle finger was the only farewell David gave him. Still chuckling to himself, René pulled his cap down over his eyes, adjusted himself, and walked into the sunlight to begin batting practice.

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