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Many great things have come from “progress.” There have been large strides in education, medicine, land development and gadgets …. lots and lots of toys. But with how small the world has gotten, and how “convenient” everything is, have we traded one set of problems for another?

Here is DC Juris to talk about taking his life back and getting back to basics.

It’s the Simple Things by DC Juris

Hi folks. ::waves:: DC Juris here. I write GLBTQ and het romance – mostly fantasy and contemporary.

I’ve sat here tonight, reading a book by a Very Loved Author, in hopes of discovering just what the big deal is. I’m about 75% through the book. I’ve had to force myself to read a great deal of it. Not because it’s bad – far from it. The writing is sharp, flows well, very little telling, very little repetition, very descriptive. Very meaty. And it has occurred to me that therein lies the issue for me – description. Four paragraphs about the interior of a house does not appeal to me, no matter how many fancy words you use, or how beautifully you tell it. I simply don’t care.

This…it seems…is a struggling point in my life currently. I’m not ashamed to say I’m seeing a therapist, and the topic came up recently of personal depth. And no, I wasn’t able to refrain from a “I-write-smut-so-that-sounds-dirty-to-me” snicker.

In the past, I spent a great deal of my time trying to be a deeper person. I tried to learn to play instruments. I failed. I tried to learn foreign languages. I failed. Or as I learned to say in German, I failed. I tried to read Books of Great Import. They bored me. I kept trying. I kept failing. All the while feeling woefully inadequate. Shouldn’t I be able to speak with depth about intellectual things? And if I couldn’t, didn’t that mean I was lacking?

Turns out, I’m fine just the way I am. And I’ve stopped thinking that being Not Very Deep makes me inferior. I don’t want to play an instrument. I don’t want to speak a foreign language. I don’t want to read the masterpieces of literature, or, quite frankly, the book I’m currently reading. I don’t enjoy any of that.

Here are the things I enjoy, pretty much in the order I enjoy them:

My Husband’s company – 99% of the time
Good wine
Sex – often times made better by good wine, often times not
Giving presents – I’m very giving.
Opening presents – I’m also kinda greedy LOL
Watching zombie movies
Watching porn
My dogs and cats
Watching football – and by watching I mean screaming at the screen
Drag shows

And that’s about it. 🙂

And since you’ve stuck around this long, I might as well give you a little incentive. I’ll give away a free pdf copy of my m/m/m zombie apocalypse romance, “Bad Moon Rising” to one lucky winner.

Bryce finds himself smack in a zombie apocalypse, and meets the man of his dreams along the way.

Bryce never expected to find himself smack in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and he certainly never expected to meet the man of his dreams along the way. But there’s more than zombies in the way of his happily ever after. Richard comes with baggage, in the form of his on again, off again bipolar lover Cole, who is off his meds and descending into his own mental hell at an alarming rate. Will the three men be able to work out their romantic feelings? Oh yeah…and then there’s that little issue of the zombies…

To enter, leave a comment telling me what your favorite simple thing is.

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Fence with EM Lynley

I really love it when authors take something uncommon and wrap a whole world around it. I love football stories, but there are a ton of them. Archery, water polo, and of course, fencing. That’s so cool!

Here is EM Lynley to talk about her latest novel and her addiction to the Olympics.

I Had a Dream… About Fencing

My new novel, Hostile Takeover releases today from Dreamspinner Press. The two main characters are fencers when they meet. I’d like to share the story of how I got the idea to write this book.

Maybe it was reading and watching Three Musketeers movies too many times, or that Madonna video from Die Another Day, but something wedged itself into my subconscious and refused to go away. I’m almost never remember my dreams, so if I wake up with a vivid image or scene in my brain, I consider it miraculous. And so it was the morning I woke up with the memory of a fencing match I had dreamed about.

The details were fuzzy around the edges: just these two hot guys fencing, dueling, for something very important. I had no clue what it was, but it inspired me, a lot. I spent the day thinking about it. I never remembered any more of that dream, but I came up with a variety of things they could be dueling over: another man in a love triangle, a debt, or maybe one man had to defend himself against the other—only his opponent had once been his lover?

I was on to something. I thought and plotted and scribbled notes. Within a couple of days I had a whole plot woven around just one scene. I had a full explanation for how they’d gotten there and what happened next. I was thrilled! I started writing. I had so much inspiration and I couldn’t wait to get to the big fencing scene so the words flowed onto the paper. The result was my latest release, novel Hostile Takeover. While it may have started out with the flimsiest idea of plot or character—just that fleeting scene of a fencing match, over many drafts it became a layered and complex story spanning twelve years of lives of Mathias Tobler and Chase Richards, two men who fell in love while training for the US Olympic Fencing Team and who had a three-year romance that ended in a painful and humiliating break-up.

Then, more than ten years later, Chase Richards tries to win Mathias back, just when Mathias thinks he’s moved on and is ready to spend the rest of his life with someone else. Once so close, now they’re polar opposites, in life, love and in business. Now they’re in conflict in every sense of the word, and their business rivalry is about to be decided on the fencing piste. One last match—a duel—to decide the matter once and for all.

Or will it?

This book was fun to write. I did a lot of research on fencing and the Olympics (many readers know I’m an Olympic junkie and just edited an Olympic anthology!) and I visited some of the locations, including Mathias’s hometown in Texas and Duke University. I also watched a lot of fencing matches and even got to use some of my financial analyst training.

I hope you’ll check out Hostile Takeover, and see just how much inspiration one scene can provide!

Hostile Takeover, from Dreamspinner Press. (Available at Amazon and All Romance eBooks from Sep 29).

Read an extended excerpt

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EM if offering up a T-shirt with the cover of Hostile Takeover. To enter, comment below about some of your favorite or memorable Olympic moments.

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A Day In The Life of Brita Addams

At each stop of the tour, I’ll give away a copy of an ebook from my backlist to one randomly drawn commenter. For Men Like Us, the newest release, isn’t eligible.

At the end of the tour, I’ll select one person from all of the commenters and that person will win a swag pack, containing *tons* of Brita Addams swag.

I get up very early, or what I consider early—usually between 6 and 6:30. Bleary-eyed, I stumble around, get my already made coffee, which my honey sets up for me every night and usually toast a raisin-cinnamon bagel, slather it with crunchy peanut butter, and settle in for a day of writing.

I don’t have a desk as such, as I do all my writing in the living room, on the sofa, with the aid of my trusty laptop. Poor thing is overworked and vastly underpaid. My office consists of most of the sofa, the arm of the love seat, my end table, and the back of the sofa, which hold my boxes of index cards. Those cards hold my research and there are tons of them!

Not a pretty sight, but then, it fulfills my needs, so what the hey.

I have a cup warmer, where my coffee might sit for hours as I negotiate the social media networks, check email, and wake up. Since I only drink one cup of coffee a day, I stretch out the enjoyment for as long as I can, hence the warmer.

A typical day finds me in my pajamas, today’s are lavender with puppies on them. That is my writing uniform. Must be comfortable. I’ll stumble into the shower at some point during the day, and if we aren’t set to leave the house, I’m back in pj’s.

I digress.

Once my social obligations are satisfied, it’s time to settle into the day’s writing. It could mean I have a ton of research to do, or it could be that I’m set to write. The book I’m working on now, set during the French and Indian War, requires an extreme amount of research, making sure I have my characters set in the right month, in the right year. It’s crucial to the story that I get it right.

While writing, I take on a seriousness that is rarely a part of my usual mien. I immerse myself in the story, in the characters—I become them if you will. With complete silence in the house (it’s only my husband and me and he’s usually in his office,) I pound away on my keyboard.

This might go on from 8am to 5pm, with few breaks in between, or it might be less hours, depending upon what is happening in real life.

I’m very fortunate to have the time to write as I do. Thankfully, I don’t have to share my time with growing children, mine are all grown, and I don’t have an outside job to interfere with what I truly want to do.

My husband takes care of the house, including making sure there is a wonderful meal at the end of the day. It’s pretty much catch as catch can during the day, as neither of us eat lunch, as a rule.

At five in the evening, I switch gears, shut the writing down for the day, and my husband and I eat dinner together. It’s then that we turn the TV on, usually to something we’ve recorded on our DVR. I used to be a daytime TV watcher, or rather, an all day TV listener. It came on with the news in the morning and stayed on until bedtime.

I gave up soap operas some years ago and news, save for the occasional catch online, is a thing of the past. We stay up on the political issues, but the rest goes unheeded. I so readily see how much time I wasted in years past, and that isn’t happening now!

My evenings are devoted to my husband. We have a wide variety of TV shows we enjoy, and that’s usually what we do until around 9, when I trundle off to bed with my Kindle. I’ll read ’til ten or ten thirty, then shut the light off and fall asleep instantly.

A greatly anticipated deviation to this routine is on Fridays, when we have Date Day. It is something we started over twenty years ago, only then it was Date Night. It is rarely any more grandiose than a dinner and a movie, but we love it and try never to miss a week. I wish I’d kept track of all the movies we’ve seen over the years. I’d love to know the number.

And there it is—my typical day. Being a creature of habit, it suits me nicely. I occasionally speak to my sister on the phone, or one or more of my children, but as a rule, I live a rather quiet life, creating the lives of those characters I hope my readers will love.

All in all, I’m a very lucky lady and quite happy with things as they are.

Please take some time to read the blurb from my newest release, For Men Like Us. Click the title and you will find a long excerpt and a purchase link at Dreamspinner Press.

After Preston Meacham’s lover dies trying to lend him aid at Salamanca, hopelessness becomes his only way of life. Despite his best efforts at starting again, he has no pride left, which leads him to sell himself for a pittance at a molly house. The mindless sex affords him his only respite from the horrors he witnessed.

The Napoleonic War left Benedict Wilmot haunted by the acts he was forced to commit and the torture he endured at the hands of a superior, a man who used the threat of a gruesome death to force Ben to do his bidding. Even sleep gives Ben no reprieve, for he can’t escape the destruction he caused.

When their paths cross, Ben feels an overwhelming need to protect Preston from his dangerous profession. As he explains, “The streets are dangerous for men like us.”

Please visit me at any of the following spots on the web. I’d love to hear from you.
Email address:
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Thank you, Mantastic, for having me today. I’ve really enjoyed my visit.

Gabrielle Evans Keeps Moving Forward

The time, energy, and overall organization it takes to complete a novel is astounding to me. Doesn’t matter how brilliant the idea is, or how compelling the grammar and punctuation skills are, or even how riveting the first 20,000 words read … if an author doesn’t follow through until the end, then all the resulting efforts just sit in limbo without a “home.” It takes a special talent to see all the random, make sense of it, fill in all points between A and Z, then not only start the project, but finish.

Here is Gabrielle Evans to talk about how she works and what she does to make sure road blocks don’t get in her way.

Keep Moving Forward

I really wish I could be one of those authors who outlines, plans, and organizes before they start writing…but I’m not.

I’ve tried.

I lose my mojo and think maybe if I just sit down, close my eyes, and think, it will come to me. Not going to happen. I end up thinking about what to make for dinner. Did I remember to put the clothes in the dryer? Did I fill up the car yesterday? I wonder what’s going to happen on Tosh.0 tonight. You get the idea. I have to be sitting in front of my computer, fingers on the keyboard, and story in front of me before I can even think about what I’m working on.

I have to have a title! Even if it’s only a working title and I change it twenty times before I submit my manuscript, I have to have a point of reference.

Character names and physical descriptions are probably the only things I actually map out before beginning a project.

So, how does the chronically disorganized move forward when she encounters a roadblock? Especially, when what seems logical doesn’t always make the most sense or move the story forward fluidly?

Sometimes, for me, it’s as easy as skipping that particular scene. I know where the story is going. I know what’s going to happen in the next chapter, or even the next scene. So, I move forward, pick up the story later on in the chapter, and once I get things flowing again, become a little better acquainted with my characters, it’s not hard to go back and fill in the blanks.

Then you have the issue of “Sex for the sake of sex”. How much is too much? How much is not enough?

When you’ve set a word count for yourself, and you come in just shy of that goal, it’s very tempting to insert another sex scene. Mostly it doesn’t work. There’s nowhere appropriate to place it. It interrupts the story. It seems out of character. There are a gazillion reasons why it’s a bad idea. Writing erotic romance, there is a fine line between sexy and sleazy. Sexy = good. Sleazy = well…sleazy. Mostly, I just try to be true to my characters and let things happen according to what seems realistic for their personalities and the storyline.

“You don’t bring me to life. You won’t leave me alone. I don’t need you tonight. No, you don’t, you don’t bring me…” — Bulletproof Messenger

How do I keep moving forward when my characters are being uncooperative?

I want them to do one thing. They want to do another. I think they should say a certain line. They disagree. So, at what point do I just let go and allow them to have their way? I’m stubborn, so usually not until I want to pull my hair out. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my characters can be just as stubborn.

They know what they’re doing, what they want, and how to get it. Sometimes, they’re fumbling through the whole relationship thing, but really want me to just leave them alone and let them find the way on their own.

So, how do I stop smothering them and bring them to life?

Well, there are a lot of things I could do, but I usually don’t. I try to trust my characters, not be anal-retentive, and let them lead me where they want to go. This is their story, after all—their triumphs, disappointments, challenges, joys, and sorrows. They are already very much alive, and my need to “fix” them isn’t going to do anything but piss them off and give me a lot of sleepless nights.

With that being said, thanks for having me here today! I hope no one is scarred from this little jaunt into my cluttered mind. Now, it’s time to get back to work on Seize the Night [Enchanted 2]. Emery needs my help, he just won’t admit it. 🙂


Gabrielle is offering up PDF’s of books 1-3 in her Sexually Awkward series. To enter, comment below about how you push deal with blockage. Are you a hammer-it-until-it-fits or a come-back-to-it-later kind of person?

Open until Thursday, September 20th at 11:59 pm (PST). One winner will be chosen and notified on Friday.