Drowning In You by A R Moler

Matt Pulaski and Declan Foster are DEA agents in San Diego. When Declan nearly dies during a raid, Matt volunteers to keep an eye on his adrenalin junkie partner. Declan’s near death experience causes him to reevaluate his life. In his bucket list are some urges that he’s been suppressing. Fortunately, Matt is willing to help. Declan’s newly recognized feelings come as a surprise, and he’s pretty confused. Being a DEA agent is no walk in the park. Danger is always around the corner and bigotry doesn’t tend to be too far away even if things are changing.

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I am a big fan of AR Moler and Drowning In You was a very satisfying read.

It is marketed as an erotic romance, but I would place it more in the contemporary romance category. The difference being that while there is sex in the story, their relationship is not centered around it. This is a relative short story so their connection has to be established fairly quickly. I believe that is accomplished with the urgency of their jobs. Feelings that would have grown over time are accelerated in the high pressured situation.

I love the cop/agent/crime aspect of stories like these, but this one is far from a mystery. The bad guys are pretty clear from the get-go and only play a part of the background. The main focus is the couple and the people in their inner circle.

There is a coming out thread to the plot, but there is no angst about it. One of the men has a small son. And bisexuality is handled very well. One of the clearest, cleanest explanations that I’ve come across.

And for being a short story, I’d say that it was fairly complete. Nice flow from beginning to end. If I had to critic anything specifically, then I would have preferred a little something extra at the ending. While there is nothing missing, exactly, it was kind of abrupt.

I would recommend Drowning In You to everyone.


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