Grease Paint by West Thornhill

Depending on what you are looking for this could either be a 3* or 4*.

As a romance, I can feel the emotion and sentiment behind the overall story, and I am rooting for the characters. There is just enough there that nothing important is missing. However, there aren’t many developed scenes outside of the bedroom. A few paragraphs here and there that skim over various periods of time.

If you are looking for a contemporary romance then you may want to keep this one for another time.

As an erotic romance, however, this story shines. The build up works very well. Their connection is evident and really does carry throughout. The back-stories and motivations are just enough to add a little supporting context without getting too heavy. And at only 82 pages it is a great length for a relaxing afternoon or those times when you can only snatch a few minutes here and there.

Definitely worth checking out.


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