That Character, Sara York

Characters make or break any story. If the reader doesn’t like the main characters then they aren’t going to care what happens to them. A story could have the best, most clever fight, humorous, sex, who-done-it scene ever written, but if the audience doesn’t connect with key players then they will never read it.

Here is author, Sara York, to discuss her approach to creating some of her favorite characters.

I love creating characters. It’s the behind the scenes parts of character creation that makes me fall in love with all of my characters, well, almost all of my characters. Like Blaine from Selling It loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Aiden from Not That Type of Guy uses his looks to play dumb though he super smart. And Zane from Zane’s Inferno loves chocolate chip cookies but feels guilty if he eats them.

I don’t use a character sheet in the traditional sense. I find that plotting it out on the character grids stifles my creativity. I usually write a paragraph or two about my men, filling in more details as I go. There are some things that need to be revealed as the story comes along though.

Weaving together character details is so much fun. I’m currently writing a Texas series and I have books one and two complete, but I’m not releasing them until book three is written. I love being able to go back and fill in details about minor characters in books one that become major characters in books two and three. I’ve never written a series this way, but I love it. I’ll probably write more series like this, finishing the entire story set before releasing.

There are so many characters I want to go back and write more on their stories. I loved Matt and Tom so much that I’ve written more about them and their big book will be coming out in September. Not all characters do I intend on stretching into two or three books, but some of my men deserve the longer story lines. I just turned in a story last night that I’ve already created a whole new book for the men to exist in. Their story will be heartbreakingly sad, involving pain beyond what I’ve ever put any of my characters through before.

I recently had the privilege of helping the It’s Raining Men group put together their first ever anthology, Hot Summer Fun. I loved discovering the characters in the anthology as I read each story. All of the authors did such a wonderful job of creating memorable characters. When you get a moment, stop by and check out the stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

If you’re looking for new characters to meet and enjoy, ones who are intense, sexy, and sometimes demented, check out my website.

Sara has added a print book to our GRL Reading Challenge Grand Prize. Remember to post your list for your chance to enter.


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