Michele L Montgomery and her brilliant idea

The last year has been very busy for author Michele L Montgomery and I am very excited to hear what she’s been up to.

First off, I want to thank you for having me here with you. I am honored to be a guest and hope to keep things interesting for you.

I’d like to talk about my latest endeavor and newest releases with you today. I started writing MM fiction in 2009 and have several titles available and many more planned. One of the biggest steps for me very recently was to put my writing skills to the test and see if I could pass it. And when I say test I mean it as a challenge.

Last year when I was working an evil day job, I was out to lunch with a few co-workers we ended up at a nearby diner. Our waitress, who happened to serve us each time we went in, found out what I did on the side…no, nothing elaborate as being a go-go dancer or even an artist or a signer. A MM writer, though I have been published and such, I still have a time with saying I’m an author. I’m just a Michele who loves to write, especially about men in situations most either experience or wish they did, or could not imagine it happening but wondering what they would do if it did. My mind is always on the go, those plot bunnies always hopping here and there and usually we come up with something fun and interesting and dark and dangerous.

So, all of that lead me to talking to the waitress and she mentioned that she hung out at a bar right across the parking lot from the diner we ate at, she said she knew the owners and they’d perfect for a story. Well, I sat on that for a bit and gave it some thought, and the next time I saw her I asked if she’d ask them if they’d like a story written about them. A couple weeks went by before I stopped back in, but during that time, I came up with an original idea and one that I went to my publisher with. He jumped on it and we turned that idea into Cre8ive Inspirations.

This … is such a fantastic idea that I can’t even tell you.

Allow Cre8ive Inspirations to make you the star of your story where nothing is impossible. The sky is the limit and we want to take you there. A world in which you are the main character and you are in control of the events which take place within the pages of your book. Allow nothing to stop you from living out your secrets, fantasies, your passions, and desires within the pages of a book written especially for you by our writer.

Find yourself wishing you were stuck on a deserted island with the man of your dreams? Or perhaps you have a deep desire to find yourself walking down a dark deserted alley, where anything can happen. Or just maybe you see yourself as the CEO of a major corporation and you fall in love with a delivery driver? There are unlimited ideas and scenarios.

Express your desires and fantasies and we’ll make them come true.

And the first inspiration is now a reality:

Once I finally connected with Steven, one of the owners of the bar and asked what he thought about what I wanted to do, and saw he was all over it, I began to get very excited over taking that step and giving people a chance to have a story done about them, their way, and my way. I sat with Steven for a couple hours asking him questions and watching him, getting as much as I could to build the foundation of the story, I went home and set it all aside to let it sink in and give it thought. I wanted fact and fiction, so all I needed was the fictional story to go with the factual plot. Once I figured that out, I had me a saucy story blended with true fact and it came out to be what is now titled: X Bar. X BAR is based on the true story of Steven and his partner Jorge and their struggles to adopt a child and dealing with everyday life.

Here’s the blurb:
“Unless things have changed since the beginning of time, it’s not even remotely possible for two guys to make a baby. A family of two, yes, but not three.”

Being a straight, single man wanting to adopt in today’s society is hard enough. Not being straight? Whole new level. Red tape, classes, interviews, not to mention the expense, drive so many away with shattered dreams.

Steven comes from money, has a degree in business management, even though he’s chosen to work as a bar tender, he believes making a family can be done. He’s determined to do it, with or without long time lover Jorge.

At thirty-four, it’s time. Fate, of course, has other plans. His haunting past, and the brutal grind of daily life all have the power to destroy both the life he has with Jorge and the family he’s trying to build. Determination might not be enough to keep his dream of a family alive.

XBar is about a man finding the truth in lies, lies in truths, and learning how to be stronger than he ever thought possible.

What makes this so meaningful is that on the 20th of June, I’ll be at the real X BAR and doing a release/ signing party. To say that I met the challenge I laid out before myself isn’t really all of it. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a writer, I wanted my thoughts in print and I wanted to share that with everyone. Here I am doing just that and to be honored enough to have been given a chance by my publisher to follow through with my idea along with me and backing me every step of the way really goes beyond what I ever dreamt of. The cherry here? I’ll be doing my first book signing. What a blessing that is to me. I never saw myself in these shoes and thanks to Steven, Jorge, and Justin, my editor, for believing in me and giving me free rein to write X BAR— I have done it.

This is just the beginning. I have plans and a lot of them. I recently finished my next Lethal Obsession story and it’s with my beta readers. Once I get that back it’s off to the editor and while she does her magic, I’ll be hard at work with the fourth Lethal book with my co-writer Seth Azzarello. Let me not forge to mention my short story, “You Never Cared,” has been picked up by a publisher and it’s undergoing a bit of lengthening and a brand new cover. You can see all of my work and news at my website HERE.

I will be in New Mexico in October with the print copies of “Dammit!” and “X BAR” and some fun SWAG. Hope to see you there. Oh and with any luck maybe print copies of Lethal Obsession: Caged and Tony & Ryan included as a bonus, if all goes well on my editors side that is. Till then. Ciao’!

So get your ideas ready and you may just find yourself in a novel!

To enter to win a copy of XBAR, please visit goodreads.com. Michele L Montgomery is giving away 2 print copies. Contest is open until August 2, 20012. (Please note that MANtastic Fiction has no involvement is choosing a winner in any goodreads drawing. Have Fun and Good Luck!)

Michele has added a print book to our GRL Reading Challenge Grand Prize. Remember to post your list for your chance to enter.


One thought on “Michele L Montgomery and her brilliant idea

  1. Mark Sanders June 19, 2012 / 5:16 pm

    JUST sooooo Proud Of You Tiny….All Your Life Long Dreams Have. Finally Come True….It’s Just Great To Know That The Little Person Doing All This Is My Sister….What A Great Feeling That Is To Me….Knowing Your A Great Book Writer….VERY TALENtED In What You Do….&….All Of Your HARD Work Has FINALLY Paid Off….That’s Just Great…..

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