Anel Viz sows his Wilde Oats

Most authors write because they just can’t help it … the story is coming out one way or another. But when that same author feels the story … the world … the situations … they just created doesn’t fit in any of the standardized publishing venues, our real-life heroes have to seek out a safe haven in which to entrust this new work.

Here is Anel Viz to talk a little about a place he has found that seems to suit him just fine.

A mere half-dozen years ago, I knew there were such things as m/m books, but I had no idea they constituted a genre, and I certainly never dreamed I would write one. I didn’t even imagine I would become a writer of fiction. Life is full of pleasant surprises.

While all my books to date have dealt with some aspect of gay men’s lives, everybody seems to agree I don’t write traditional romances. Still, evidently many of them come close enough to interest publishers. When I write a story that deviates too far from the standard, I often place it in Wilde Oats. I sort of got my start there, and I have provided a story for every issue. The zine is very open to experimentation. It’s a good place to submit if you feel like pushing the envelope or exploring a new path.

For my contests, I’m inviting readers to compare my freebie Wilde Oats stories with one of the books chosen for the GRL challenge, which are perhaps the closest I have come to traditional romance. Tell me what these stories have in common and how they differ from the challenge books to win a copy of one of my next two publications, which (no surprise!) by the way, are none too traditional.

MANtastic has set out the rather complicated rules below. See if you can find subtle differences. Clearly, these Wilde Oats stories are darker and don’t exactly end happily. Not that they end tragically. There is plenty of hope for a better future after trying times. And don’t forget to look for similarities as well.

Nan Hawthorne recently interviewed me on her Historically Off Center blog. There I speak at length of how I write and what I aim for as an author. Check it out. It will give you a context for reading my work if you haven’t yet and, if you have, you may see what you’ve liked (at least I hope you have) in a new light.

Here are Anel’s suggestions on which freebies to check out.

If they read City of Lovely Brothers, they compare it with either:
1) The Fire Eaters (Two men, once partners in the Portland police, who have been given new identities under a government protection program, meet by chance and must now come to terms with the traumatic event that separated them many years before.)
2) The Frenchman (Canada in the 1830s. A clerk for the Hudson’s Bay Company takes an interest in a gruff fur trapper and the half-breed boy who lives with him.)

If they read The Best Christmas Ever, they compare it with The Father of Free Men, a novella that appeared in 2 installments: chapters 1-5 (In a Bronze Age culture, the spoiled heir to the richest family in the city is granted exclusive use of the beautiful slave Golden Eyes to satisfy his lust.); chapters 6-10 (The slave Golden Eyes becomes a pawn in the struggle for dominance between the family matriarch and the young master’s new bride.)

There are 2 e-books up for grabs so there will be 2 winners. Here is what you are playing for:

The July novella, “Les Ardoises”.

Félicien works as a waiter at Les Ardoises, a café-bistro in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. When his girlfriend leaves for a two-week visit with her family, he’s hit on by Joel, an American in France for a business conference. Félicien feels secure about his sexual identity and has swung that way before. He doesn’t risk getting involved as he might if he hooked up with a woman.

As it turns out, Joel will be in town more than just a day or two. He’d like to see more of Félicien, and after that one-night stand, Félicien wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of Joel, either. Before long, people have seen them with each other often enough to put two and two together, and Félicien begins to question who he is and what he wants from life.

The August novel, “New Lives”.

Three people trapped in dead-end situations give up nearly everything they’ve ever known hoping to find a better future:

Otis lives alone and without prospects in a dying Nevada village. He has given up hope the man who took advantage of him years ago will return and dreams of becoming a gay porn star.

Jared, an abused runaway, can’t stay forever with the kindly trucker who picked him up hitchhiking. They need to find a safe place for him to live.

Larry Jordan, a closeted collector of valuable gay erotica, has reason to fear the residents of his conservative, middle-class community will soon know about his secret life. He has only one friend, and they haven’t known each other that long.

They’ve never met one another and never will, but their stories intertwine in unusual and unexpected ways.

You can find more of Anel’s published work on his GLBT Bookshelf.

To enter, comment below in regards to any of Anel Viz’s Wilde Oat stories. Best case is a brief compare/contrast reply using the suggested stories listed above … but any observations will be counted. Did you find these stories outside of the norm? Would you be interested in more widely published works similar to these stories?

Please include which prize you would prefer … BOTH being an acceptable answer 🙂

Prizes are e-books not yet published. Winners will receive their e-book in the format of their choice, following the official release date.

Contest is open until Sunday, May 20th at 11:59pm (PST) to allow for reading time. Winners will be randomly selected and notified on Monday.

Congratulations Barbra and Linda! You both win an an upcoming release from Anel Viz! I will be contacting you individually about claiming your prize.


5 thoughts on “Anel Viz sows his Wilde Oats

  1. Barbra May 15, 2012 / 8:43 pm

    Your books certainly sound different,
    and I’m getting a little tired of “same old, same old”.

  2. Linda May 16, 2012 / 9:31 am

    I’d love to get both but either one would be okay. They both sound like interesting stories

    yinyang1062 at yahoo dot com

  3. mantasticfiction May 21, 2012 / 12:54 pm

    Hi Barbra … as the first poster you win the closest release, Les Ardoises, which is due out in July.

    • Barbra May 21, 2012 / 6:16 pm

      Thank you!! I can hardly wait. I’ve definitely been on
      the lookout for new authors. 🙂

  4. mantasticfiction May 21, 2012 / 12:55 pm

    Hi Linda … you won an e-book copy of New Lives, which is due out in August.

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