Cherie Noel talks about furture of The Soldier & the State Trooper

From the Desk of Cherie Noel:

This idea of yours to have a reading challenge for GayRomLit was fecking brilliant. I hope everyone has told you that. I have a ton of reading to do still, but I may actually get caught up. 

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Soldier & the State Trooper, why it’s so dear to my heart, and what I’m working on to follow it up. The Soldier & the State Trooper was originally birthed in response to an open call for submission. The publisher I wrote the original short for declined my little story, written back in February of 2011. I won’t lie and say that didn’t sting, because it did. I really like the work that press publishes, and I was sad that I wasn’t going to be one of their writers. Fortunately for me, as well as for Christie and Robert, I’d already found Patric Michael, my Balthazar, and he told me in a wonderful way to get up, dust off my hiney and keep moving.

Um, not in those words.

Patric used all his wizardly word skills and made me an enchanted pair of spectacles to look at my own work through. I spotted some flaws, and set about fixing them. Three weeks later, The Soldier & the State Trooper had morphed from a medium length short story to a full length novel.

Another dear friend beta read the book for me and persuaded me to submit it to Mlr press. Mlr sent me thoughtful, detailed rejection letter…well, sort of. The missive was really more of a please revise and resubmit this. We like it, but can’t give you a contract as it stands. I revised, and then resubmitted.

Eight days later, a contract showed up in my inbox. It’s really a good thing the weather was still cold so the neighbors didn’t have to deal with my crazy squeals of joy! LOL.

Now I’m working on Evans’s story. Evans was Christie’s best friend and comrade at arms in the first story.

Oh. One last thing. I’m going to post an excerpt from Evans’s story over at my blog today. If you pop over and post a comment, you’ll automatically be entered to win a signed print copy of The Soldier & the State Trooper. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

May You Be Well–Cherie Noel
Contest Post


2 thoughts on “Cherie Noel talks about furture of The Soldier & the State Trooper

  1. Cherie Noel September 28, 2011 / 9:53 pm

    Hey All, Cherie here.
    I seem to have dropped my brain somewhere. If you see something small and pinkish gray lurking in the corners of your reading nooks…it may be my brain. You’ll know it by the marked inability to stay out of naughtiness, as well as occasional gibbering in said corners. Just send it home, will you?

    In the mean-time, I forgot to post Evans’s tid-bit today!! As it’s dreadfully late, what say we change up the rules for my contest? You read the post from Evans’s story, post a comment ANYTIME BETWEEN NOW AND OH, SAY MONDAY, (with an email addy, please. I can’t tell you that you’ve won if there’s no way to contact you), and you’ll be entered to win a signed print copy of The Soldier & the State Trooper.

    *bonus question* after the contest ends, there will be a second chance to win a print copy of The Soldier & the State Trooper. Poke around my blog. Figure out what Christie and I have in common. Post a comment stating what you think we share, and if you get at least one thing right, I’ll enter you in a second drawing to win that signed edition.

    The deadline for posting your guesses about Christie and I is next Friday, October 7th. 🙂 Good Luck!

    Cherie Noel

  2. Shelly October 5, 2011 / 2:59 pm

    Hi, you are a new author for me. Looking to add you to my list of reads for The Soldier & the State Trooper


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