Dragon Streets

After Dale Burnett’s abusive common-law wife and innocent son are killed in a car accident, he finds the courage at last to express his bisexuality. And London is a city of hope and potential for a young American. But when a blind date goes horribly wrong, Dale is rescued by Phirun, a British Cambodian who has the astonishing ability to manipulate water. Dragons walk the streets, and they’ve taken human form to live in the world of Man. As two kinds of dragon wage a secret and vicious war, Phirun needs Dale’s help for his side to win, and the stakes include the very survival of the human race.

But one dragon crime boss won’t stop until he gets his hands on the American, who has a mysterious yet vital role to play. As Dale investigates, he grows closer to Phirun, but also to a compassionate female detective of the London police. If the battle is won, Dale must choose between a beautiful female cop who offers stability, affection, and a chance at a new family, or a gorgeous, unpredictable being who is more than man, who has given him ecstasy he has never known before.


3 thoughts on “Dragon Streets

  1. mantasticfiction June 13, 2010 / 10:51 am

    Dragon Streets really did exceed all my expectations. The book blurb caught my attention right away. I’m not much of a fantasy reader, so what drew me in was the more contemporary, real world setting of the novel. This was one of the rare books that had me shutting out everything else until I reached the end.

    I must admit the prologue threw me off. It was very much like those movies and tv shows that start in the middle or the end of the chaos and then flash “36 hours ago” across a black screen. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. Depending on how important that scene is in the overall structure of the story, I usually don’t know how I feel about that kind of opening until the end of the story. In this case, it may have been necessary if only to comfort the readers into knowing that Dale will be alright. That he will eventually know all that he really is. Because up until that scene comes around again, taking its proper place within the story, the future of our friend Dale is in question.

    Chapter One begins the story back in real time, giving the reader a real good look at Dale, his life and love. Pearce does a very great public service in pointing out stereotypes within the m/f dynamic; about who is weak and who is strong. In the face of sweetness, it is easy for an outsider to believe the liar because it has been drummed in to society that men are the aggressors.

    Still so many months after his broken relationship and heartache, Dale is trying to make sense of his world. A world were he craves the body of a man more than the body of a woman. Finally decided, he puts a plan in motion. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and help comes in the form of Phirun, a dragon with a nice twist.

    This twist is one of the most original ideas I’ve read. I just took for granted that he would be a shifter of some sort. He is not. I don’t want to spoil the creativity of the revelation, but I was impressed with how it was handled.

    I am not a fan of love at first sight: undying love after only a few hours. And while I was reading I saw it happening and yet, again, it was handled in such a fine manner that I couldn’t help being impressed. It was a little touch, a firmer hold than was quite necessary, or a gentle kiss to the temple as Phirun helped Dale in this new world that included dragons. Subtle and honest.

    I really liked that Phirun continued his mission; a mission that he’d built his life around. It would have been unrealistic for him to have dropped everything after such a short time of Dale being in his life. But with Phirun kept busy, Dale had to navigate the human side of the war and try to piece together seemingly random events in the hopes of finding out why he himself was a target.

    The addition of Vivian was, at times, both confusing and comforting. Comforting because Dale wasn’t alone in his search. As a cop Vivian had suitable resources and skill to help uncover the truth. Confusing because of the heightened feelings on both sides that came along with being nearly isolated with a confidant in a very stressful situation. It is still unclear who he will choose all the way up to last few pages.

    Staying off guard is definitely a theme in this story. I read a lot of mysteries and consider myself fairly good at figuring out the why’s and what-for’s. This kept me guessing. I like that. Instead of the normal building block method of mystery writing, Pearce chose the puzzle piece style; some pieces being easier put together than others. An “a-ha” moment fading to black at the end of a scene to be picked back up in some unexpected place. A bit of confusion while your brain tries to work out the clues on your own but still trying to read the words that are on the page because you don’t want to wait for your brain to figure it out, you just want to “know.”

    When I reach the end and the answers I got are more than I came up with on my own then I consider the story to be well thought out and well executed. Dragon Streets is that in spades and well worth the read!

  2. Amy June 14, 2010 / 11:52 pm

    I agree about the prologe throwing me off but I have to say I LOVED IT. There are alot of Cliche M/M books out there that just throw a love story and some sex in and off they are. This had a well thought out plot with great characters, Cant wait to see what you do next Jeff.

  3. ElaineG July 12, 2010 / 3:06 pm

    Dragon Streets was a truly wonderful read……..I was intrigued by the thought of dragons living among us. I enjoyed the fact that the “dragons” had evolved into more human appearing than dragon. I loved the inner struggle that Dale fought, trying to literally “find” himself…the sex scenes were very erotic, but also made me think that Dale and Phirun were truly in love. The flashback and “dream” scenes with Dale and his boy were heartbreaking, but it gave me an insight into Dale’s true character…that of a loving man that only wants to be loved in return. I too can’t wait for what Jeff has in store for us next.

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