Pandora Project

1 – Runaway Star
Elios Campbell is working on a top-secret project: translating messages from the Pandora, an alien spaceship on the edge of human territory. A favor from his mentor drops Elios into the arms of Sender Kinnison, a pilot who seems like everything Elios has ever wanted.

Their attraction is immediate and threatens to lead to more in a hurry. Even Elios’ wary heart and Sender’s burdened soul can’t keep them apart, until a single tragic moment changes their lives forever. Elios is helpless, as Sender, driven by ghosts and duty, goes racing out of reach. Fate brings them together one last time, but Elios has to decide if he’s willing to take another chance on his runaway star.

Additional slice-of-life stories in the Pandora Universe:
Space Trash stories available for free at

The Space Trash stories began with the tales of Ceb and Tal, two men out alone in a little tin can space station above a black hole, Cerebus Tres, watching as it devoured a small blue star. Because these stories were simply intended as random, floating slice of life scraps from the Pandora Project setting, Space Trash seemed like the ideal reference.

Space Trash stories are provided for free but cannot be reproduced anywhere else without permission. On your first visit to a story page, you will encounter a little warning; simply follow the instructions (provided that you are old enough to be viewing explicit material and are comfortable queer relationship) and carry on. Enjoy!

Note: all Pandora Project stories are written in the “queer erotic romance” genre and may contain explicit sexual scenes between people of any sex or gender; stories will carry a label to help readers find what most appeals to them.

De Luna Mellis
* Seedlings — Zilla Glénan lives on a large farm, De Luna Mellis, one of many farms in Luna’s main agricultural complex, Campania Latifundia. Zilla is the older sister of Elios Campbell (Runaway Star); she’s taking time from her work as an astrophysicist to enjoy the three children she shares with her three husbands: twin brothers Judicael and Mael, and Ignatius. When the children — Kasper, Savely, and Savannah — go missing after a nap one day, Zilla finds herself searching for them with Ignatius, whose ethereal thinking can be as irritating as he is attractive. There are so many places on the farm where the children could be hiding, and some of them are more dangerous than the rest. No explicit content; gay and hetero relationships.

Cerebus Tres
* Cerebus Tres — Cebrian Agustin and Talfryn Milburn are a scientific analyst and a pilot assigned to an observation station — a tiny tin can with a lot of electronics — hovering above a black hole. Their relationship consists of banter and ignoring each other until an accident brings them closer together. Explicit gay sex.
* The New Normal — After the accident, nothing is quite the same between Ceb and Tal, but the question of the moment is: are things better now? Explicit gay sex.
* A Whole Lot of Nothing — Fraternizing is hardly encouraged on deep space observation stations; Tal is quite certain that there’s none of that going on, though. What’s between him and Ceb is, he keeps telling himself, nothing at all. Explicit gay sex.
* Second Blessings — Months have passed since Ceb and Tal went their separate ways and each misses the other, but neither is willing to be rude enough to contact the other uninvited. Even Tal has manners. But, it seems, the Gods have their own ideas. Explicit gay sex.


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