Bird Series

1 – Birds Of A Feather
Love Bites is an anthology edited by S.A. Clements. In Dianne’s story, “Birds of a Feather,” more than one unusual shapeshifter finds out that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Lindy and Ross are a pair, but Lindy doesn’t think Ross is safe. When Tau shows an interest, can Lindy convince Ross to accept his offer?

2 – Snake Charmer
Shifting Them is an anthology edited by Vincent Diamond. In Dianne’s story, “Snake Charmer,” Ross, Tau, and Lindy are back. Now that Ross has Tau, Lindy isn’t sure where she fits in. When she finds a whole nest of albino snakes like herself, will Ross and Tau be able to convince her that her place is still with them?

3 – The Lion’s Share
Shifters Ross and Lindy really want their third love, Tau, to move in with them. Were-lion Tau is reluctant, if only because he has problems in his past that he doesn’t want Ross and Lindy to have to deal with. When those problems show up in a very real way, Tau knows he has to do something to stop them from spiraling out of control.


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