The Call Anthology

Werewolves under the moon. City boys forced to accept their wilder side. Primal danger. The Call anthology has all this and more. Three stories give us an inside view of the life of the wolf.

Instinct by Jourdan Lane
Jourdan Lane, author of the popular Soul Mates series, gives us Instinct. Construction worker Ethan hates being a werewolf. He hates the man who made him what he is. When he meets Noah, he finds a fellow wolf who wants his help, and his body. Can he open up to Noah enough to put aside his fear? And what happens when the man who turned him wants him back?

Son Of A Bitch by Emily Veinglory
Emily Veinglory pairs the small town werewolf Nate with the city boy Steven. When Steven’s car breaks down at Nate’s gas station, Nate figures he’s found something worth keeping. He has secrets, though, and he might be too wild for the sophisticated Steven. Can he juggle his past and make a new life?

Home Fires by BA Tortuga
From BA Tortuga comes Home Fires, the story of Houston, who escapes torturous captivity to return to his mate, Jackson. Jackson welcomes Houston back to their remote New Mexico home, and sets about healing Houston, body and soul. Can they remove the scars that Houston can’t hide? And can the two wolves escape the ghosts of the past when they come looking.


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