Tinseltown Blues: All That Glitters

Everyone knows all that glitters is not gold and in Hollywood that couldn’t be more true.

For screen star Harley Sheffield, the constant sparkle of champagne bubbles and flash of the media’s cameras are made bearable by only one thing—his older brother, Trey. Unfortunately, in a world where a celebrity’s life is held under continual, microscopic scrutiny, Trey is increasingly uncomfortable with their illicit affair and leaves for six months to search his soul for answers.

When the need to see Harley becomes overwhelming and Trey returns home, Harley gives him the night to decide what is more important: avoiding the cold glare of Tinseltown and the risk of being discovered, or once again knowing the warmth of his brother’s love.

Content Warning: This title contains a consensual sexual relationship between adult brothers and a fair amount of angst.

From the Desk of Acer Adamson:
I yanked Tinseltown because I wasn’t all that thrilled with it, and I really don’t plan on revisiting those characters after all. Most of the time, I get so attached to my characters that I want to write them forever, and I go through a sort of separation anxiety when I finish a story. That particular story I wrote it by request, and as it turns out the characters didn’t really resonate with me or feel from the heart. A little too angst-riddled for my tastes.


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