Taste Test: The Boy Next Door Anthology

Sometimes it’s the guy right under your nose that’s perfect for you, but what does it take to notice the boy next door? The Boys Next Door Taste Test explore the untapped joys of what’s right at your doorstep.

A Perfect Match by Cassidy Ryan
Keaghan is trying to keep his hands off his brother-in-law’s kid sibling, but Trace is just right for him. Will they be the perfect match?

Breaking Point by Dakota Flint
Jonathon Burns moves back into his childhood home after the end of his long-term relationship. He’s not prepared for Alex Walsh, the boy he once loved, trying to rekindle old flames. Jonathon doesn’t want to risk his heart again, so he tries to resist and even tells Alex to back off. When Alex doesn’t, will Jonathon give into the attraction and open himself up for the possibility of more?

Peep Show by Zoe Nichols
Seth Richards is your average thirty-five year old man whose life is pretty normal. Until Dillon Callaway moves into his neighborhood, that is. When Dillon gives him a show from across the way, Seth knows his life is about to turn upside down. Can he find the courage to break his comfortable routine?


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