Taste Test: Horns and Halos Anthology

Who doesn’t love hot demons and untainted angels coming together to make with the sin? Horns and Halos has all that and more!

Sinful by Zoe Nichols
Reverend Lloyd Jamison lives with a sin that’s as big as Eve eating the apple. Thanks to youthful foolishness, he has a permanent craving, and the most delicious stalker you could have: lust demon Ripper. Try as he might, Lloyd can’t avoid Ripper, but will he be the one with the upper hand in the end?

Limbo by Clare London
The beautiful, fragile Yoshiel and the strong, fierce Labal have broken the no fraternization rule, and live to pay the price. They seek each other out, realizing their masters have exacted a penalty from them both, a punishment that’s both ironic and cruel. Will their shocking transformation prove their undoing?

Deja Vu by Dakota Flint
Angel Graham meets up with his arch nemesis, demon Cale, at the annual “Horns and Halos Bash” held as the one night a year that the angels and demons of the world can put their differences aside and get together to let loose. Things between them turn heated, quickly, and Cale gives Graham pleasure he never dreamed of. But what will happen when Graham wakes up the next day?


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