Four Seasons: Autumn 2009 Anthology

The autumn weather might be cooling things off, but you won’t need that sweater – we promise our erotica will warm you up! This time of year involves metamorphosis, from the changing of the fall colors to the places between, where the world wears thin and the strange and unusual happens. Join your favorite eXcessica authors in this sexy, sometimes spooky, seasonal anthology, bringing you the best of all things autumn! (Includes stories by Marshall Ian Key, Vivian Vincent, J.M. Snyder, Amicus, Varian Krylov, Giselle Renarde, Kenn Dahll, Sandra Fowke, Molly Wens, and Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine.)

Purple Hearts by Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine
Bravery. Courage. Patriotism.

Those words that brothers Erik and Howard Cheval grew up with were rendered meaningless when Howard came home from Afghanistan in a flag-draped casket. Four months later, Erik is disenchanted with the politics of war and distraught at the loss of his brother, and it takes the gentle words of the late Howard’s fellow Marine, Greg Simmons, to soften the pain.

After losing his left leg and a Marine brother in Howard, Greg understands the raw sorrow of loss eating away at Erik. Hunting for meaning and a way to heal the past, Erik and Greg spend a night of soul-searching together and find something unexpected in each other’s company.

Love In The Library by J M Snyder
Johnny’s job at the campus library isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, when the wheels of the returns cart get stuck in the gap between the floor and the elevator, he’s ready to just quit right there. But a stranger’s kindness leads to chance encounter that improves Johnny’s whole semester.

Marshall Ian Key

Vivian Vincent


Varian Krylov

Giselle Renarde

Kenn Dahll

Sandra Fowke

Molly Wens


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