Messiah Series

Messiah 1: Three of Cups
In the year 2039, the world is a better place, thanks to one man. Fresh from college, Malcolm Wilder engineered a cheap fix to fossil fuel dependence. The new energy-for-all economy brought on world peace, and as Earth and its people began to heal, creatures once thought to be the stuff of myth decided it was finally safe to reveal themselves. A decade later, Malcolm is a corporate giant living in exotic Dubai.

He’s on the cover of every magazine and his name on everyone’s lips. Malcolm’s business partner and lifelong friend, Levi Tanner, is concerned that Malcolm isn’t allowing himself to enjoy his fame and fortune. Levi finally takes Malcolm to Mortal Sins, a local hot spot that caters to those looking for something a little different in the way of adult recreation. Little does Malcolm know, but the world still has a few problems of Biblical proportion and all hell is about to break loose.

Authors’ Note: Dark, futuristic urban fantasy. Discretion is advised for those sensitive to religious themes

Messiah 2: Page of Wands
In the year 2039, the world is a better place thanks to one man. Humans have all they could wish for, and supernaturals have moved in to peacefully co-exist. Famine, disease, and environmental issues are all but a thing of the past. Earth is practically a new Garden of Eden.

A shame it isn’t going to stay that way. In the sequel to Messiah 1: The Three of Cups, Malcolm Wilder, creator of the HydroGo fuel cell and the world’s new messiah, has begun to feel the weight of the sins that surround him. Levi and Suki do their best to help Malcolm keep the world — and their anointed prince — from falling into shambles. Unfortunately, the jealous tension between the two demons is mounting, and the others have taken notice. Just when things seem their darkest, an unlikely visitor brings the world an unexpected message of hope.

Authors’ Note: This dark, futuristic urban fantasy contains graphic violence. Discretion is advised for those sensitive to religious themes.


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