Max and Skyler Series

1 – Only Words
Maxwell Fielding is a police detective. Gruff, stubborn, and a little blind to subtlety, Max is the perfect poster boy for stereotypical masculinity. Used to dealing with the dregs of society, he never backs down from a fight, but his attitude is a reckless one.

Max’s lover, Skyler Trent, is a dress designer who happens to be a cross-dresser and the polar opposite of Max. When a rough day on the job sets the stage for disaster, Max’s quick temper and a need to play knight in shining armor makes a bad situation even worse. After a very observant Skyler patches Max up, both are forced to face some less visible wounds that are just as in need of healing. Max needs to find the courage to admit a few things to Skyler—and to himself—or he might lose everything.

2 – Any Excuse
In this follow-up to “Only Words,” author Acer Adamson gives us another glimpse at the complicated lives of Detective Maxwell Fielding and his beautiful cross-dressing lover, Skyler Trent. The police department is honoring Max for performing above and beyond the call of duty, and Max has asked Skyler to accompany him to the awards banquet—a huge step for both of them. Nervous about how the unconventional manner in which Skyler dresses will be received by a hotel ballroom full of cops, the press, and the city’s highest elected officials, Max is in for a bigger surprise than he bargained for, and Skyler doesn’t disappoint.


One thought on “Max and Skyler Series

  1. mantasticfiction January 22, 2010 / 6:07 am

    Max and Skyler are easily one of my favorite couples.

    Short stories aren’t generally known for their depth or impact, but both stories in this series have them in spades. Together, it’s only about 50 or so pages, but the reader is treated to a fabulous slice of life between the two men.

    The first story, Only Words, has almost a noir feel to it; kind of like an old black and white detective story. And while everything happens in just one day, its the day that matters most; arguably even more important than how the men got together in the first place (which I would certainly read if it ever becomes available.)

    Included is a conversation that was just so beautifully written that its hard to even put my appreciation into words.

    Any Excuse, the second story, is a great continuation. This time its just a few hours, not even a day, and yet so much is expressed within these pages that the reader easily feels like they’ve seen everything that happened from the end of the 1st story up until the 2nd.

    With such short stories many authors rely on extra wording, extra fluff, in order to make a few more pages. I am so glad that doesn’t happen here. These stories are well written, timed to perfection and poignant in a way that a longer, bloated version could never be.

    And even though this really is a “chick with dick” story, it never feels that way. Both Max and Skyler are men and the dialogue reflects that.

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