Got Mistletoe

Blake Roberts just wants to buy some wrapping paper and go home. That changes when he’s surprised by a supercenter employee keeping the Christmas spirit alive by singing and doing some impromptu dance moves. Ryan Jolly is bouncy and a little flamboyant… and Blake is immediately smitten with him. Despite being total opposites, Blake’s heart is captured by Ryan’s bubbly personality and sweet smile, and when attraction flares between them, Blake starts to hope his new Christmas wish–to spend more than the holiday with Ryan–might come true.


One thought on “Got Mistletoe

  1. mantasticfiction January 21, 2010 / 11:37 am

    This is a story of love at first site and for readers who can appreciate a quick and sugary tale then this one is definite one to pick up. Its cute and romantic; a great reminder of what a wonderful time of year the holidays can be with someone special.

    Ultimately, though, I felt this story would have been much stronger had it been edited a little tighter. As a shorter piece, many of the things I found bothersome would have been taken out.

    I liked that the couple didn’t jump each other at the first opportunity. Their physical connection translated much better than their verbal one.

    Both Ryan and Blake are interesting characters that just never develop beyond stereotypical type casting, though, not too unusual for a story of this length.

    The dialogue, both inner and outer, is whimsical and innocent. The repetition of phrases and expressions in such a short piece was very distracting. “Big guy” and “his elf” were everywhere.

    And the back and forth was odd … going from Blake’s thoughts to Ryan’s thoughts and back to Blake’s thoughts all in the same paragraph.

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