It Takes A Thief

Anthony Young has spent half his life as a member of the gang Tray Side, but getting out of a gang isn’t easy. Blood in. Blood out. Even his close ties with the gang’s leader become twisted, as a man he once thought of as a father figure reveals a dark side Anthony never wanted to see.

With the demand of payment for his freedom, Anthony sets out to pull off what he hopes is his last job.

Valery Balen is the target, but not the kind of mark Anthony imagined he’d hit. When fate and circumstance intervene, Anthony finds himself on the end of another bargain: belong to Valery for a week. But the cost of this freedom may be more than his body… it might just be his heart…and soul.

Author’s Note:
This author advises buyers to purchase any releases from Cacoethes Publishing from All Romance E-books as the site is more user-friendly. For more information, please visit here.


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