I Do Anthology

21 authors contributing 20 stories of love and commitment

Do you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? The right to say ‘I Do’ to a life of commitment and sharing with that one special person? We do.

We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share. That’s why the following authors of LGBT fiction have donated stories to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund’s fight for marriage equality.

All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense to fight Prop 8 in support of marriage equality for all.

The Lindorm’s Twin by Tracey Pennington
To save two kingdoms, an outcast prince without a name and a lonely young man half-freed from enchantment must outwit a serpentine king and his sorceress spouse. Wvil magic stripped Stefan of everything that he possessed or was. It forces his lover Andor to become something he was not. Now that the evil has returned twice as strong as it was before, only these two men – who have lost everything but each other – can defeat it forever.

Desire and Disguise by Alex Beecroft
An 18th Century tale of sexual frustration and mistaken identity. Robert Digby’s marriage is failing. Over hearing two gentleman discussing a place where “talented ladies” may be found in abundance, he resolves to find solace there, only to be taught a very different lesson. Featuring a frustrated haberdasher, a skittish horse, a bevy of beauties, a very rude lieutenant and a wooden leg.

The Roaming Heart by Charlie Cochrane
Alasdair Hamilton, Toby Bowe and Fiona Marsden are the hotest properties in post-war English film. Shame that Fiona believes what she reads in the gossip columns …

Outed by Clare London
Guy said afterwards it was a relief to him that someone finally said something, but did it have to be Auntie Queenie’s apparently artless comment, right in the middle of her eightieth birthday celebration tea?

Lust in Translation by Storm Grant
A dedicated cop rescues a stoned-out hooker leading to sex, drugs, and a blinding reaction. It’s a hard road from false arrest to true love.

Making Memory by Lisabet Sarai
In mid October, the isolated Maine hamlet of Spruce Point is the last place Boston executive Nicole Stewart wants to spend the night. However, a flat tire leaves her no choice. Maggie Bensen, owner of the Bellweather inn, offers Nicole a bed, a home-cooked meal, and a sympathertic ear. As the women share their memories and their sorrows, sharing their bodies becomes natural, almost inevitable.

Swansong by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Richard believes what little love he had in his life has withered but before she died his darling Gloria unlocked her silent throat. Now the time has come for Richard to sing his own song, to face the future, to make the right choice.

Finally Forever by Jeanne Barrack
When Manny and Rafe met they knew they were destined to be together. Manny made the move believing it would be forever. Then fate stepped in and their dreams were dashed. Now, they may have that chance again. But will fate continue to thwart their plans?

Code Of Honour by Marquesate
When Joe Evans joined the French Foreign Legion at twenty, he would have never imagined that becoming a man entailed more than becoming a tough soldier. The legion’s motto was “Legio Patrio Nostra”, but with Sergent Roux, Joe found more than just a home.

Tango and Temptation by Z A Maxfield
Dance and dishonesty bring two men closer than they want to be in this contemporary story of choosing between what is easy and what is real. Gabriel Aimar lies about where he’s from. Xander Farmington lies about what he wants. Neither man can deny their passion because when they dance, sparks fly. A story of hard choices and harder … other things … all choreographed to the sexy rhythm of the tango, the traditional dance of desire.

The Mistake by P A Brown
When recently unemployed Rusty Donaldson lets his stomach overrule his common sense and lets himself be hustled off the streets of West Hollywood he’s hoping to make a quick buck to fill his stomach. He’s not expecting to end up handciffed to a motel bed in the presence of a cop who’s way too hot for anyone’s good. Officer Hank “Hawk” Wilson is after big game, but ends up falling for the last thins he expects – a suspect.

Holy Macaroni (and Cheese) by Allison Wonderland
Twenty years ago, two first grade girls got married. To each other. the pair dared to tamper with tradition, eschewing all the trappings of a conventional wedding: the gown, the groom, the gaggle of grumpy, frumpy bridesmaids. They imagined that one day they would live in a house made of candy, like the witch’s dwelling in the story of Hansel and Gretel, but without the witch, of course. And while their dream house remains just that – a dream – the knot they tied is still secure, and their marriage has outlasted the Ring Pops they exchanged at the ceremony.

The Snow Queen by Erastes
The Snow Queen is impervious to love. Josh isn’t. Everything wonderful happens when it snows. Josh loves the winter. He wishes his heart were ice after Sam died, but when he meets Sean he feels it threatened by an unexpected warmth.

Better Than Beautiful
by Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan
For two years Becca and Charlotte have been forced to keep their relationship a secret for the sake of Charlotte’s career. In just two months Chrlotte will retire from the catwalk and they will be free to marry and live together openly. But Charlotte has been keeping a secret that could ruin it all.

Semi-detached by Emma Collingwood
Is gay marriage a matter of equality, commitment or the right choice of wallpaper? Thomas has never really thought about it, but at the end of the day, it’s all about knocking down walls.

Rules Of the Game by Mallory Path
The problem with unpoken agreements is that they are unspoken. Charlie and Noah have done everything under the sun – almost. When words fail, Charlie must come up with a new way of finding out what his partner really wants.

Templeton’s In Love by Jerry L Wheeler
Tom and Stan broke up when Templeton’s music stopped. Ten years later, Templeton is playing again. Is he in love? After all this time, are they? Can a kiss and a song glue together two broken hearts? Find out in this poignant tale of loves and losses over linguine in an Italian restaurant in Denver.

True Love by Moondancer Drake
Some wished come true. But not all miracles come without hardship. Shona and Kai finally have the baby they’ve dreamed of for years, but soon discover that bringing a child into a less than perfect world will test their own love for each other.

Salad Days by Fiona Glass
A fennel bulb causes havoc between two lovers in this “kitchen-sink” style romp.

Wedding Announcement by Lee Rowan.
Kevin and John had been through hell together and separately, in the military and after it. But for Kevin, telling his father the truth was more unnerving than anything he’d ever faced on the battlefield.


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