Ho Ho and Mistletoe: All I Want For Christmas

Daniel has been in love with his boss, Jacy DeSalvo, for nine long years. Back then he was little more then a boy, but even as a man grown Daniel hasn’t been able to move on.

Jacy’s wife Marissa is a cheating harridan who trapped her husband with claims of a false pregnancy. Jacy has always been a pushover until proof hits him square in the face. He walks in on his wife having sex with a stranger in, of all places, a bar.

Things only get more complicated when Daniel is injured in a scuffle outside the very same bar, and has to come live with Jacy. Tensions are high and lust is rampant. And it seems inevitable that with this much testosterone in one place that something is bound to happen.

The only question is how Jacy will handle his new found interest in a man he’s always seen but never noticed. And now that Marissa’s gone Daniel is going to have to take his heart in hand if he’s ever going to get what he’s been hankering after, for Christmas.

Author’s Note:
This author advises buyers to purchase any releases from Cacoethes Publishing from All Romance E-books as the site is more user-friendly. For more information, please visit here.


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