What hides in your genes?

When Kenano Smith and Jared Mariner awoke in the morning they had no idea that their lives would change forever. Both men are carriers of the G Strain, which make them the perfect candidates for mating on Lykur.

Lykur is the home world of a race of alien warriors known as Lykurgans. The only thing these Lykurgans crave more than a good fight are plentiful mates. War has ravished their planet and sent these dominant, blue beings to the edge of the universe in search of viable mates.

They’ve finally found what they have searched so long for, but there is one thing they did not count on: there is no way to conquer love. It must be freely given, and for Lykurgans and humans it may mean compromise. It may mean sacrifice. It may just mean altering everything they’ve ever believed in.

Author’s Note:
This author advises buyers to purchase any releases from Cacoethes Publishing from All Romance E-books as the site is more user-friendly. For more information, please visit here.


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