Take It On Faith

Hotel heiress Elizabeth Sandringham is in Mexico for her wedding.  But two nights before the nuptials, her fiancé reveals he’s more into his best man than his future bride.  Disgusted and disillusioned with love, Elizabeth ditches the ceremony only to end up stranded in a seedy bar in the middle of nowhere.  When a drug war shoot ‘em up breaks out, she’s kidnapped by gun-toting bad guys.  She assumes her situation can’t get any worse…until the gang’s leader claims her as his own.  Suddenly, Elizabeth’s trouble becomes a whole lot more intimate.

Miguel Delgado is every woman’s bad boy fantasy.  He’s brooding.  Dangerous.  And hot enough to singe the panties off a good girl like Elizabeth.  Although he attempts to maintain an air of steely control around her, there’s no stopping the heat that rises between them.  Even as she seeks a way to escape, she’s drawn in by the powerful magnetism and erotic lure of the sexy desperado. But forbidden passion with an outlaw can only lead to one thing—heartbreak.

Unless a girl’s willing to take it on faith…


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