Andrea Matthews can’t seem to pull herself out of the emotional slump she’s been in since her husband’s scandalous death a year and a half ago.  So when her well-meaning best friend gives her a ticket to see the Phantom of the Opera on stage and encourages her to “start getting out,” Andee’s not enthusiastic.  But from the moment the tall, dark-headed man playing the Phantom steps on stage, she’s riveted.  He has a confident, sensual power that shakes Andee to her core.  She can almost feel his hands stroking her, hear his gritty, erotic voice whispering in her ear.  At times it even seems as if his piercing gaze is on her and he’s singing for her alone.  

When the Phantom approaches her in the dark theater after the performance, Andee discovers the magic she felt from him on stage is nothing compared to the emotional and seductive allure he holds in person.  This magnetic stranger makes her feel more alive than she’s been in months.  Yet with her faith still shaken from her husband’s secrets, she’s not certain she’s ready to trust her body and soul to someone who hides in shadow.  Who is the man—the real man—behind the mask?


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