Soul Mates Series

1 – Bound By Blood
Houston nightclub Rave is famous for nearly-naked male dancers and beautiful bartenders, like Peter, a young man with a strict rule about one-night stands. He breaks that rule for Lucien, the owner of The Den, a rival gay nightclub where there are no boundaries, no taboos. Anything goes at The Den, including vampires.

When Peter finds out about Lucien’s vampire nature, he figures he should have stuck to his rule, because Lucien pulls him into a dark world of vampires, werewolves and feuding in-laws. No one approves of the human vampire match, and Peter and Lucien have to struggle to stay together. Can they beat the forces that will try to tear them apart forever?

2 – Deceptions
Angels and demons, vampires and werewolves… And Peter, bound to Lucien the master vampire, walks amongst them, no longer all human but without a place of his own. Desperate to be turned and baffled by Lucien’s continuing refusal, Peter is starting to feel that he’s losing his vampire lover.

Their relationship has become purely physical, with Lucien pushing Peter away at every turn. And after a night watching werewolf Xander hunt, a night that sees Peter attacked, that might not be all he’s losing.

Fearing for his very life, and working hard to keep Lucien’s increasingly uncertain temper from hurting his friends, Peter’s doing all he can to prove that he belongs at Lucien’s side, not just as a master, but as an equal.

Then Lucien disappears, and Peter knows he has to call on every ally, every power he has, to get Lucien back before he’s gone forever. Can Peter find a way to beat the forces working against them, or will he lose all that he holds dear?

3 – Sacrifice
Peter and Lucien are back in this third book in the Soul Mates series! Sacrifice picks up after a vicious attack on Peter’s new paranormal family.

Peter may have rescued Lucien but his problems are far from over. Caleb, a vampire who was once a friend, is chained in the dungeon and waiting judgment. Peter’s body is dying. He needs Lucien to make him a vampire, but no one knows what he might become if Lucien goes ahead with the change.

With his control slipping, even as a human, Peter knows he has to cross over. But he needs Lucien to help him control his instincts, to keep him from hurting the people he loves the most.

As enemies gather and allies appear in the strangest of forms, Peter has to make choices that may affect not just his life with Lucien, but also the lives of the vampires and Lycans who look to them both for leadership. Their coven. Unrest among the werewolves, friends’ betrayals, and broken emotional connections conspire to keep Peter off balance, looking to Lucien, and deep inside himself, for the answers.

Answers that could cost him everything, including his life. Good thing Peter thinks some things are worth making sacrifices for.

SS – A Coven Christmas also included in print version of Secrets
Peter can hardly believe his eyes when he wakes up and finds the house he and Lucien share with the coven decorated for Christmas. Their friend Simon has decided he wants some joy back in the house after the horrible time the coven has had, and it breathes a little happiness back into Peter and Lucien, as well. Spend the holiday with the Soul Mates boys!

4 – Secrets
Peter’s life gets more complicated with every passing day. His relationship with his vampire lover Lucien is on the rocks, he can’t seem to get enough of his friend and confidant, Nikolas, and events going on inside the coven are making him wonder when everything is going to blow up in his face. Through murder investigations and negotiations with angels, Peter doesn’t know who to trust, as old friendships and loyalties begin to shift and change.

Jealousy, intrigue and deception abound, and all Peter wants is for his life to get back to normal, if his life can ever be normal again. His love life is incredibly complicated, the Council wants him to get to work for them, and there’s someone out there committing crimes who looks an awful lot like him. Can Peter find a way to mend his broken friendships, fix what’s wrong between him and Lucien, and keep the coven together when everything seems to be against them?

SS – Mark of the Beast
Sabaan has no idea what to do to make things better between his lover, Nikolas, and his master vampire, Lucien. Heck, Sabaan doesn’t know how to help Lucien reconnect with his lover Peter, either. All he knows that the four of them have a connection like no other, and that he has to try to help make it work. When Nikolas gets a little jealous, Sabaan also knows that he has to do something to keep his relationship going strong. Can he make everyone happy, or is it a lost cause? Lovers of the Soul Mates series won’t want to miss this one!

*Note: This short story takes place at the same time as Soul Mates: Secrets, but from Sabaan’s POV.

SS – Clarity from Toy Box: Biting Anthology
Clarity, brings us back to the world of Soul Mates. In this story Caleb’s punishment is coming to an end and he is finally allowed to feed again. While he’d love to begin with master vampire Lucien, it is his lover Xander he turns to.

SS – Possession from Spiked Anthology
Possesion, by Jourdan Lane features Lucien and Saaban, from the Soul Mates series. What they do might just surprise the whole coven.


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