Sensational Series

1 – Coming to His Senses
Jasper has never known life outside institutions and hospitals. Necessity leads him to a permanent placement at Raindell, where his doctor begins to suspect that there’s nothing the medical establishment can do for him. Samson has lived his life in a haven for shapeshifters, but he yearns to be with his person. When an elderly telepath meets Samson, he’s sure that the troublesome patient of a friend at Raindell is that very person. Jasper just has to hold it together a little longer, and he might find himself face to face with the cure he needs.

2 – Heightened Senses
Jasper is sure that he shouldn’t feel the way he does about Samson, his guide and protector. He finds his shapeshifting friend fascinating, and dreams of a deeper relationship, but will he be able to break the rules.

3 – A Trick of the Senses
Jasper is a reluctant psychic with difficult powers and Samson is his service dog in canine form and his best friend when human. At a very strange time of year, Jasper’s powers are troubling him more than ever. He’s determined to face down the danger, but Samson will do anything possible to keep him safe. Can they find a way to survive the season.


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