Renovations Series

1 – Flipping Out
Toby is a lawyer who spends his free time “flipping” houses, which means buying a fixer-upper and selling it once it’s cleaned up. He met contractor Ven on his last flip, and decided he liked the guy a lot. He likes Ven’s work ethic, his style, and maybe a lot more.

2 – Playing House
Ven is still working as Toby’s main contractor, flipping houses, and this time around there’s more than one project going on. Toby’s other contractor falls behind, and Toby asks Ven to fill in, but when Ven gets another job offer, will the boys be able to work things out and keep on working together?

2.5 – Making Time
Ven hopes his lover, Toby, has no plans for Halloween, because he has a lot of things he’d like to do. When he calls Toby up, though, the man is with his kids, trick-or-treating. Toby is more than happy to join Ven for some dancing and more afterward, though. Will they get all the treats they want?

3 – Moving Day
The pleasant routine of Ven’s life is upended when Cake gets notice that he can move into the assisted living facility where he’s always dreamed of living. Cake is ready to live on his own, and Toby is ready to make other moves, but Ven isn’t ready for any of it.

3.5 – A Renovations Addition: Counting Blessings
SS in Renovations 1 – Framework print anthology

3.75 – In A Family Way
Toby’s children come to visit in the days before Christmas, but it takes more than just fixing up a bedroom and building a playhouse to build a family. When Josie and Charlotte have to face the reality that Daddy isn’t coming back home, can Ven and Toby convince them that this is their home, too?

4 – Full House
Ven and Toby finally have the perfect life, Toby’s ex throws a wrench in the works, but not in the usual way. Brenda offers Toby half of every week with his girls. Toby is thrilled, right up until Ven stops coming home from work on time. Things blow up one night, and only hard work keeps Ven and Toby from pulling their family apart.

5 – Mending Fences
Life for Toby and Ven has settled down into a new ideal: half of every week with Toby’s girls and half to themselves. But what Toby’s disapproving father-in-law has to say brings everything crashing down. Suddenly, Toby and Ven are faced with losing time with Toby’s girls because of their relationship.

6 – Coming Home
Ven is ready for the next step. But to make his plan to pop the question work, he needs everyone’s support, including Toby’s ex-wife, Brenda. And he has to do it while renovating his future in-laws’ house. Toby seems happy with the way things are, and Ven knows he risks losing everything if Toby doesn’t want to marry again.

6.5 – A Renovations Addition: Wedding Day
SS in Renovations 2: Framework print anthology


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