Pit Road Series

1 – Support System
Denny Clay is a sprint car driver, or he was before a crash took him out. He walked away from it, but a few hours later, compartment syndrome knocked him down. Now, he’s on crutches, in physiotherapy, and his (secret) boyfriend and mechanic is on the road with another team.

2 – Home Team
Denny Clay’s boyfriend, Sully Price, is home from his time on the road, and Sully isn’t content to leave Denny miserable and alone. He’s good at fixing things, but when he comes up with a plan to fix things for Denny, will Denny play along?

3 – Percussive Maintenance
Denny is frustrated and sore after his accident, and he thinks that his lover, Sully, needs to find someone who’s not scarred and out of shape. Sully doesn’t want anyone but Denny, though, and he’s willing to find creative ways to keep his man, even if they’re the last things Denny expects.

4 – Heating Up
Denny and Sully are still struggling with Denny’s accident, especially because Denny’s leg is getting worse. He’s still hesitant to share his doctor visits with is lover, but Sully is determined to help Denny out. Can the boys make a breakthrough in time to save Denny’s health?

5 – Oil Change
Denny’s out of surgery. The one good thing about the hospital stay was how accepting folks seem to be of his relationship with Sully. Back home, Denny knows the whole situation has been a huge stress on Sully. He wants to find a way to be less of a burden, but will he come up with a foolproof plan to make Sully happy?

6 – Out To Lunch
Denny is on the mend, getting back into the swing of things. He’s still nervous about being seen in public with Sully, worried what people will say if they’re seen together. Denny’s willing to try to get over his fears, though, and lunch with Sully seems like a good start. Will he work up the courage to finally show the world how he feels?

7 – Southern Comfort
Sully tries hard not to panic when his mother falls ill. Through the fast trip to get to the hospital, all the waiting and all the tests, Denny is there for Sully, offering up the kind of comfort only Denny can give. Will it be enough to see them through?

8 – Training Wheels
Denny is having some problems with homework and his lack of a job and with his role in his life with Sully. Denny’s not sure what to do, but Sully knows just what they need. Sully knows the key to easing Denny’s worries, and is more than happy to make Denny forget everything but him, including physics, at least for a little while.


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