Never Let Go

Grant and Devon have been best friends — with benefits, of course –  since college. Grant is a best-selling author of a well-known action/adventure series, but it still doesn’t pay well enough for him to live on. Devon is a photographer that works in the porn business and he’s gotten pretty close with many of his subjects. Grant and Devon roomed together in harmony, each putting up with the other’s quirks, until Grant developed stronger feelings for Devon.

After a night of passion-fueled love-making, Grant finally tells Devon of his feelings and Devon reciprocates. However, only hours later, Grant walks in on some unknown model showing Devon just how good he is at his craft. Six months later, Grant’s trying to find a job and Devon’s still trying to win him back. But Grant is hurt and still sees Devon as the player that he’s always been. The two of them will have to get past what happened between them in order to find out what’s in store for the future.


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