Mr. Right Now Anthology

Are you searching for Mr. Right? We all dream of that magic moment when sparks fly and the attraction is undeniable. However, during the search, it is often enjoyable to take a time out and share a few stolen moments or even a whole weekend with Mr. Right Now. This anthology showcases a series of stories that describe random encounters involving Mr. Right Now: sizzling-hot lunchtime meetings, passionate, tense clashes in the back seat of a car, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities or casual arrangements of convenience. These moments can last a handful of explosive minutes or build into lasting romance – you never know when Mr. Right Now is going to surprise you and become so much more. Have you met him before and desired him from afar? Or is he a complete stranger you bumped into at the corner supermarket or in a dark club? Give Mr. Right Now a chance. Even if all you think you have is the now… he might surprise you.

Snowbound, Lovebound? by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe
When animosity is stripped away, all that’s left is desire. Traveling together in snowy New England, Bryan Tam and Jimmy Murphy are at each other’s throats long before they lose control of their car. Attraction and tempers collide and the storm raging outside is nothing compared to the one going on in the backseat.

Deacon Decides by Eric Arvin
Deacon’s always been a reserved, quiet man, even ‘socially retarded’ – according to his friend Carol. But when he meets flight attendant Joel on the plane to Australia, he must decide if the risk is worth the reward.

A Screw and A Stud by Sonja Spencer
Meeting in the hardware store around screws, studs, and lube, Mark offers to help Tommy hang a picture in his home. Turns out Mark has plenty of experience with that kind of screwing, and Tommy is willing to help him practice the other…

Odds Are by Chrissy Munder
Returning to an annual conference without his long-time live-in boyfriend, doctor Rick Page discovers his lover had a secret he never suspected. Luckily, Mr. Damn Smoking Hot Jonah is willing to provide sexy therapy.

A Thorough Workout by Alix Bekins
Ryan had taken to hanging around the gym late, waiting for Marc to approach him for hot, steamy, sticky sex. Ryan wanted Marc – and he knew Marc wanted him. But what was taking Marc so long to make his move?

Know When to Spread ’em by Catt Ford
In the mood to ditch work and find play, Jay goes looking for a good lunch hookup and finds a hot bodybuilder who occasionally likes to walk the guy side. Their no-strings lunch turns out to be firsts, seconds…and thirds!

The Proposition by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban
Looking for a weekend companion, Marcus chooses Gerard, an uptown, classy young man who’s willing to listen to his proposition. Sparks immediately fly and the weekend speeds by… and they both discover they don’t want the proposition to end.

Wanna Ride? by Sonja Spencer
In a dance club where ‘anything goes’ isn’t just a catch phrase, Raul wore black leather pants. Painted on. And nothing else but sweat. He was a vision Cris couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore, and asking for a dance might lead to a hell of a lot more.

Power Struggle by Anais Morten
Jason and Gero just don’t get along, on or off the soccer field. Knowing something had to be done or the team would suffer, they try to work it out. But talking just leads to a fight, and Gero has to take drastic measures to find a compromise.

Special Offer by Clare London
The grocery store on a Saturday night wasn’t Mitch’s idea of a good time. It got worse when he ran into Will, his neighbor from down the hall. Both beyond annoyed, they work on finishing their shopping, and with each department they discover a growing attraction that cannot be denied.


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