Here, Kitty Kitty Anthology

Saving Pride by Jourdan Lane
In the cat-eat-cat world of the Pride, lion shapeshifter Nathan has lost everything – more than once. When his lover, Kane, returns from exile, his life is again thrown into jeopardy, but his heart remembers a love that can’t be denied. With a Pride of hunters out for their blood, Nathan and Kane must decide whether to risk it all, or live their lives forever on the run.

The Tale of Tom Katt and Martin Rue by Jamie Booth & Kit Zheng
Martin Rue is as sly as a cat, and with good reason: he is one. Technically, that is. He prowls bars and seduces men into his bed, exchanging amazing sex for a sip of their souls.

Tom Katt is a taxi driver who recognizes something incredibly familiar in Martin, something they both have in common…and an answer to a dilemma that has plagued Tom for years.

Beckett’s Pride By Sara Bell
Cyrus has a secret he keeps close to the vest, but when he meets Gideon, a man with a few secrets of his own, it doesn’t take him long to come clean. Gideon understands Cyrus on a level few — if any — have before. The feeling is addictive, and the love that soon blooms between the two even more so. When Cyrus’ past catches up to him, Gideon provides the strength he needs to face it head on.


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