Other Magical Creatures Anthology

Witches and demons, shifters and ex-gods; Other Magical Creatures has it all. These stories explore the magical and human, all in hot m/m/f style.

Crossroads by Sommer Marsden
Wesley Moore bargains with a demon to find success. The price seems cheap when he’s alone and his family has a history of early deaths. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love with two different people just before his deal comes due. Can Wesley come away with his life and both the boy and the girl?

A Family Most Unconventional by Mychael Black
Werewolf Ric Deveraux leaves home after a personal tragedy. With his father on his death bed, Ric is returns to his family, where complications like his deceased wife’s brother and an unexpected discovery keep him on his toes. Will he be able to forgive himself for his wife’s death and focus on the good things in his life?

God of Wine by Dianne Fox
Succubus Maggie is a bartender for ex-god of wine Dean. He understands her needs, and lets her come and go as she pleases. When ex-boyfriend Tor blows back into town, he and Maggie get back together. Only this time, they’ve both got their eyes on Dean, too. Can Maggie find happiness with two very different men?


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