Animal Attraction Anthology

Make Me Beg by Aaron Michaels

Brahmas and Pitbulls by BA Tortuga

A Hound, A Bay Horse, and A Turtledove by Elazarus Willis

White Mountain by Sarah Black

Cold Iron by KC Warwick

Gerbils Fall In Love by Dianne Fox
Dwarf hamsters are bringing people together. Finn Spencer has loved and lost, and doesn’t want to get involved with anyone again, but Dr. Truman Decker makes house-calls for more than just hamster-related problems.

Chasing Samson by Kiernan Kelly

Bungalow Bill by Ansley Vaughan

Canine Connection by Neil Plakcy

Indigenous by JL Jensen

Birds Of A Feather by CB Potts

Horseplay by Sean Michael

Puppy Tax by J Rocci

What We Leave Behind by Shanna Germain


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