Liquid Glass

Lillyport House, a Gothic Revival mansion, is one of Britain’s most actively haunted residences. Cameron McKenzie, a shy reclusive painter, doesn’t believe in ghost stories. Not until he accidentally initiates a necromantic ritual put in place over 150 years prior, raising the ghost of Victorian poet, Viscount Eldon Davenport, from the dead.

Lillyport House was one of Britain’s most haunted residences. Originally home to Viscount Eldon Davenport, one of history’s most controversial poets, the house was sold in 1857 by Davenport’s parents after Eldon is found dead of a gunshot to the head, the pistol that killed him in his own hand.

Reclusive painter Cameron McKenzie is the latest owner of Lillyport and he doesn’t believe in ghosts, at least he doesn’t until something he does accidentally raises Eldon from the dead.

Enter parapsychologist Malcolm and psychic Trudy, each with their own agendas. Malcolm wishes to sever the link between Cameron and Eldon, while Trudy is attempting to keep them together. Will she be able to unravel Lillyport’s secrets or does the answer to Eldon’s survival depend on Cameron, a painting, and a guilt-ridden 19th century stable boy?

This story is part of Torquere Book’s Turn of the Screw subscriptions series, where a chapter at a time is released to subscribers. The novel will be slated for release, in its entirety, at the end of the subscription period.


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