Sacrifice Of the Stone

The Underworld is full of secrets, some wondrous, some deadly…

High born Mayan son, Ah Kaht, will do anything to bring Esh, the man he secretly loves, back from the brink of death — even steal a sacred stone and holy scrolls from the temple to perform a forbidden rite. The stone is destroyed, the ritual begun, but something goes awry.

Instead of bringing Esh back to the living, Ah Kaht is transported with him to another place. In the Underworld they live out their every carnal fantasy until Ixtab, patron goddess of men killed in battle, is alerted to their presence. She is not pleased to have an intruder in her land and vows to seduce Esh and send Ah Kaht back to the mortal world.

Now Ah Kaht must wage another battle — for the heart and soul of the man he loves and the life he knows they can have together.

Can be bought individually or as part of the Glamorous Garnet Anthology.


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