Between Friends Series

1 – When Harry Met Jason
When a frat party goes bad, Jason ends up more than just drunk, but Harry shows up just in time, policing the party and taking Jason home. That’s the start of something neither one of them can deny, a relationship that Harry wants to take slow, while Jason would like to go in fast forward.

The party starts something for Jason’s best friend Sammy, too, something not so great. He’s been hurt, and is being stalked to boot, which makes Jason hesitant to leave Sammy alone to pursue Harry.

As Harry and Jason become closer and closer, Sammy’s stalkers get more and more violent, until finally something has to break. Can Harry and Jason keep Sammy safe and fall in love all at the same time? Read this wonderful love story today and find out!

2 – Sammy’s Place
Sammy has the worst luck with men, and too often it shows on his face, or his body. His best friend Jason worries about him, and finally convinces Sammy to come stay with him and his lover, Harry. Sammy hates feeling like a failure, but he doesn’t know what else to do.

Peter has been Harry’s best friend for a lot of years, but somehow he’s never managed to meet Sammy. When he does, he knows just what Sammy needs, and he’s surprised to find that he wants to be the one to give it to the beautiful young man.

Sammy’s not so sure. He likes Peter, a lot, but he’s messed up every relationship he’s ever had, except for his friendship with Jason. Peter’s pretty convincing, especially when he ramps up the BDSM lifestyle that Sammy craves.

Between Harry, who’s worried that his old friend Peter is no better than Sammy’s other men, and Sammy’s ex-boyfriend, who isn’t willing to let go, Sammy and Peter face one challenge after another. Can they find a way to make their love work, or will Sammy walk away from the best thing he’s ever found?

3 – Trial By Fire
In this new installment of the Between Friends series, Harry is not just Jason’s hero. He’s a cop who wants to help people, who wants to make a difference. The thing is that Harry isn’t so sure that moving from Homicide to Vice is such a great idea. He hardly ever sees Jason anymore, he doesn’t get to hang out with their best friends Sammy and Peter much, either.

Jason isn’t thrilled with Harry’s new position, either. The job is far more dangerous than it used to be, and the drug dealers Harry is trying to catch red-handed might just be too hard to handle.

Meanwhile, Sammy is wearing himself out trying to look after everything, from his best friend Jason to the shop he runs to his lover, Peter. He’s worried about Harry, too, because Jase is keeping him up late at night with frantic phone calls. Peter knows that Sammy needs a little mastering to keep him from wearing himself out, but when the worst happens and Harry is put in terrible danger, nothing goes right. In fact, the boys aren’t sure that anything will ever be the same again.

4 – Between Friends
Two very different couples. Two very different lives. Yet somehow they manage to keep things between friends.

Schoolteacher Jason and Harry the cop have a pretty good life together. Or at least they always have in the past. When Harry starts acting strangely, withdrawing from Jason and displaying bouts of mysterious anger, Jason starts to wonder if he’s losing his hold on what he and Harry share.

He turns to his friend Samuel, a college roommate, for a little moral support. Antique dealer Samuel has enough on his plate, buying a new house with his lover, Peter, and keeping up with their inventive love life.

Luckily for Jason, Samuel’s lover, Peter, is also a good friend of Harry’s. When Peter hears about the troubles between Harry and Jason, he forces Harry to confront his demons, and to give Jason the chance to help.

Can Harry and Jason come to terms with secrets that might change their lives forever? With Samuel and Peter’s help, they just might, as they find out what friends are for, and what it means to let someone help share the load.

Sean Michael creates a finely woven web of friendship, where two couples and two sets of friends become family, and where the intricate dance of everyday life comes alive in the most beautiful way.

Short Stories in the Between Friends Series
Ropes – read for free at


4 thoughts on “Between Friends Series

  1. scarletty24 January 5, 2010 / 11:14 am

    Truly one of my favorite series sean has written, outside of jarheads of course! I love the relationship with Sammy and Jas and who in their secret heart doesn’t want a man like Harry to court then. He is a dream. Peter is equally as wonderful but for different reasons. The whole dynamic is wonderful and very smarty written, but i expect nothing else from Mr. Michaels who is truly one of my favorite authors. I read EVERYTHING he writes.

  2. sherijean January 5, 2010 / 1:30 pm

    When Harry met Jason –
    Oh my, just got to loved when a man can really love someone without the sex . Well at first, you may want to take a seat and hold on. Jason and Harrys love holds no boundries for each other and their friends .Very touching story. Great read, short and sweet.

  3. sherijean January 22, 2010 / 1:17 pm

    Love can conquer it all . . . My heart broke and cheered for the people in this series. . Harry grabs at you heart and pulls, were Peter seamed to scare me a little. I cried so much it hurt, I just loved this series

  4. mantasticfiction January 31, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    This series is classic Sean Michael. The 1st one, when Harry Met Jason, is my favorite. A nice way to meet 3 of the main characters. Sammy and Jason’s friendship is a little odd, but very comforting and open to them both. Harry is a great match for Jason, and isn’t threatened by Sammy in the least, understanding how important their bond is.

    With the addition of Peter in book 2, Sammy’s Place, the books become more sexual. As much as Sammy and Jason love and adore each other, they could never be a couple because of how intense Sammy’s needs are. Jason and Sammy both know, Harry doesn’t understand it, but Peter is able to give Sammy the physical reassurance that he so desperately needs.

    My main problem with BDSM stories is how weak some of the characters appear. While there are times that Sammy indeed has reason to be scared with the overall plot of the stories, he never appears weak in relation to Peter, making decisions and asserting himself. And after every individual BDSM “scene”, the actual sex is quite sweet and “vanilla.”

    The other 2 books in this series deal with life in general. Some good things happen; some bad things happen.

    Many readers find Sean Michael too sexual, too intense, not enough story. And sometimes I agree about the sexual aspects and have to put his stories aside for a while and come back to it later.

    But the critique of not enough story …. no way. Sean Michael is able to convey mood in such an amazing way that when you finish a story all you take with you are the overwhelming feelings of the characters. How much love and pure joy they take from life. How their actions said so much more than page after page of forced or superficial dialogue.

    I do wish he would include more of an ensemble cast. He has created many wonderful and interesting side characters that never do get as much attention as they deserve.

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