Men In Love Series

1.  Branded By Love

On the run from her stepfather, Jenny Barnes wakes up in hospital to find the two men she’s loved for years are with her. Her stepbrother, Jake, and his best friend and lover, Cree, have finally been called to her side after they spent years searching for her. But when they take Jenny home to their new ranch, even they can’t keep her tormentor away. With the help of their ex-Seal buddies they set out to keep the love of their lives safe and to capture Jake’s own father.

This book contains references to rape.

2.  Ben’s Wildflower

What would make a woman cut herself off from the town she grew up in for seven years? For Kate the answer is one man, a powerful man.

When Kate is in danger of losing her ranch to the bank, she enters into a partnership with Ben. This six-foot seven-inch, overly endowed ex-Seal is looking for a home. He finds a home and love with Kate. When problems on the ranch begin to escalate, Kate points the finger at one man, the man from her past who is determined to drive her out of town.

What’s an ex-Seal to do but bring in the rest of his team? Ben summons a few members of his team to help protect Kate from a man who believes he’s above the law.

This contains graphic Violence.

3. Open Possibilities

Gabe Whitlock had been without a family his entire life. Gabe’s best friend Jake sold him his father’s ranch and told Gabe the way to find love was to open himself to all possibilities. Gabe had no idea what he meant until he met and fell in love with his ranch foreman, Rex Cotton. The two men decided to build a life together. When Rex hears there might be oil on the Double B he and Gabe decide to find out if its true. They hire Boone, a geology student, for the summer to help determine if their dry and dusty ranch has oil. The threesome quickly form a three-way bond. With three men loving each other the possibilities are endless.

4. Completing the Circle

Left alone and pregnant, Cory did the unthinkable and married the best friend of the man she loved. For eight long years Cory paid for her choice. She was finally set free from her torment the day her husband died.

Remy loved Cory, but was heartbroken when he returned after fighting overseas to find that she’d married his best friend.

When secrets and lies are revealed, bridges are mended and Cory and Remy embark on a new life together. Their happiness is soon threatened by the appearance of a mysterious gift and phone call. Cory is convinced the voice on the phone is her dead husband. When an explosion threatens their lives, Remy decides it’s time to call in favors. With the help of his friends, Remy and Cory’s lives are about to become complete.

5. Going Against Orders

Raised under the iron control of his father, Nicco pushed aside the one true love of his life. When Nicco realizes that nothing short of perfection will garner the love of his father, he decides to take back control of his life.

Mac has loved Nicco since they were teenagers. When Nicco pushed him away and joined the Navy, Mac thought he’d lost him forever. He joined the Marines and was shipped overseas. When an explosion almost costs him his life, Mac is saved by his then lover Amir. After waking in the hospital, Mac makes a promise to himself. If he can’t have Nicco, he’ll have no one.

After years of celibacy it seems Nicco has finally decided to go against his father’s orders and love whom he chooses. Life together seems promising for Mac and Nicco, but with Amir still in the background how will their relationship survive? And what will happen when Nicco goes against orders?

6. Tortured Soul’s

Two very different men, two very different pasts. Private Investigator Bram Blackstone thought he’d closed off his heart forever. Making do with one-night stands and short-term relationships, Bram thought he was satisfied. Until the day he met Dr. Declan O’Malley.

Once upon a time, Declan O’Malley thought he had it all. A rewarding and promising career in front of him and a long-time lover beside him. When life dealt him an agonizing blow, Declan shut himself off. Then he met Bram. His heart told him he was ready to take a chance at love but when push came to shove, Declan turned away.

When Bram’s past catches up with him and Declan becomes the pawn in a game of revenge, Bram will do anything to save him. Even if it meant traveling to the place of his nightmares.

This book contains references to rape.

7.  Reunion

For over ten years, Gabe Whitlock’s ex-SEAL buddies have searched for the woman who abandoned him as a small child. When Jake Sommers receives a phone call from a woman claiming to be Gabe’s long-lost sister, he calls the team together once more.

As the past unfolds, and mysteries are uncovered, the gang converges on the Triple Spur to rally around their friend.


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