The Veteran Series

1 – The Veteran
Tim’s loss of his brother, Todd, a young marine in Iraq, leaves a big hole in his life. He tries desperately to fill his heart by working as a hospital social worker, but his weekly visits to his brother’s grave are his only true comfort.

Into the hospital and into Tim’s life comes a huge, muscular, young guy named Ty, sporting a Marine Corp tattoo just like the one that Tim remembers his brother wearing. He also sports a heavy load of anger and attitude. Ty is causing quite an uproar in the hospital ward, refusing to acclimate himself to the hospital’s routine. Tim’s boss feels that someone closer to his own age may help Ty become more cooperative and so she assigns Ty’s case to Tim.

Cooperative or not, Tim finds himself caring deeply for the former warrior. Ty, however, has secrets in his past. Secrets that have more to do with Tim than he realizes. Secrets that will draw Tim and Ty closer than either ever thought possible.

2 – Treating Ty
Tim has been working for months at helping to heal the scars from his lover Ty’s past but still more surface all the time. This time, it’s Halloween. What could be wrong with a holiday that mostly focuses on candy? How about the fact that Ty never experienced the holiday at all, let alone the trick or treating?

It’s all right. Tim has a plan. He’s going to help Ty go back and live that part of childhood, and give him a real adult treat at the same time.


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