Red Heart Bowl

Mike and Dan grew up together, almost joined at the hip. Their mothers even had them on the same day in the same hospital. After high school graduation, Mike heads to college on a football scholarship and Dan goes off to the United States Marine Corps.

Dan has always been in love with his best friend but lives in fear and shame of who and what he is, but he learns in the Corps that loving and having passionate sex with another male is nothing to be ashamed of. When he sees Mike again, they end up showing each other just how much and in what way they love each other. But Mike can’t deal with being with another guy and breaks Dan’s heart.

For the next six years, Dan follows Mike’s career as a Heisman Trophy winner and a Super Bowl winning quarterback, while he becomes the football coach of their old high school. Then Mike sends his agent with an offer that Dan can’t refuse…

To spend a weekend in a hotel penthouse in New York City. With Mike.


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