Marine Love: Weekend Leave

Robby Trenton was bored and waiting for life to happen now that he’d graduated from high school. Then the good-looking son of his elderly neighbors arrived on his doorstep. One look, and Robby realized Rick Patterson was even hotter than his photographs. Not to mention that, as they got to know each other during Rick’s weekend leave, he was even more devastating to a shy virgin who had never told anyone he was gay. How could he tell Rick how much he wanted him when the big Marine was too amazing and too straight? He couldn’t, right?

Rick had some secrets of his own that only Robby could coax him to share. But while they grew closer and trust deepened, so did the end of the weekend when this Marine was going to leave yet again…


One thought on “Marine Love: Weekend Leave

  1. mantasticfiction January 3, 2010 / 1:32 am

    I usually enjoy Bobby Michaels work but this one is tough. As much as I liked it overall, the timing and dialogue drove me CRAZY!

    Timing – because I just can’t see how an 18 year old virgin who hasn’t been able to tell anyone he’s gay can suddenly be okay having loud sex with a virtual stranger while his mother is in the next room. I get love at first site, but this was unrealistic.

    Dialogue – because there was a lot of “hearts and flowers, soul mates forever” talk that was just so over the top considering they had just met.

    It seems that Bobby Michaels tends to write for the enlightened gay male reader. I find his usual style a welcomed and refreshing change. He reminds us women who read these stories that sex between men isn’t always as pretty as some of the cookie cutter M/M novels would have us believe.

    Unfortunately for me, though, his romantic optimism was too much for my liking. And then … AND THEN … he leaves the ending open to speculation. Urrrggg!

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