Jock Dorm Series

1 – Dar and Gregg
If you think Jocks and Nerds have nothing in common, come to the Jock Dorm!

Cute, nerdish Dar has no idea what to expect when campus housing places him in the Jock Dorm. He certainly doesn’t expect his Jock-God of a roommate, tall, hunky, muscular Gregg the champion wrestler. Nor falling head over heels for him. Workouts, friendship, a little hurt and comfort, and pretty soon Dar can’t take being in love with his straight roommate.

But maybe Gregg isn’t so straight. He’s been keeping secrets of his own, like a murdered first love and a family that’s pretty much disowned him for being gay. Though he vowed never to fall again, he’s not figuring on Dar and how the cute little nerd unfreezes his fearful heart.

For once, the nerd gets the jock, but different interests are the least of their problems. They can’t keep their hands off each other, but coming out is the hardest part.

2 – Drew and Vince
Gregg Halversohn brings his younger brother Drew to the university on a wrestling scholarship. Drew is running away from the same rejection Gregg had faced at home because he’s gay. Drew, at first, figures he’s made a terrible mistake by coming to the university when he ends up rooming with Vince Collucci, a wrestler Drew had seen at a tournament and was strongly attracted to. He falls in love with Vince and is just about to finally tell him how he feels, when Vince has a surprising announcement of his own.

Can two jocks find love together?

3 – David and Conner
Not yet released


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